MICPA award winners share secrets of success

From left: Young, FAM Dean Dr Sia Bee Chuan, Ivan Tay, Loi and FAM Department of Accountancy Head K. Shamini during the award ceremony

Three UTAR alumni from the Faculty of Accountancy and Management (FAM) received awards at the MICPA Excellence Award held at Sime Darby Convention Centre on 17 October 2019. Ivan Tay Khai Zhang was selected as the winner of Best Accounting Graduate for 2018 while Young Teng Wai and Loi Pei Wen were awarded the Certificate of Meritorious in recognition of their outstanding academic performance.

Ivan Tay said, “Currently I am attached to KPMG Singapore as a second-year audit associate. Previously, I was awarded a 100% scholarship from UTAR for being the Top Achiever during my foundation and degree studies.  Effective time management skill was very important during my study and working life. I always believe that perseverance is the key. I wasn’t born smart, therefore I had to spend extra hours to revise and get the concept right. Know what your goals are and work hard towards them. I believe hard work will never disappoint us.”

“Accounting is a rewarding career. It might be tough in understanding the concepts and standards, but you will grasp the gist of the concepts once you have spent sufficient time to understand them. With the knowledge I have, I hope someday I can make a change that benefits the society,” added Ivan Tay.

Young said, “It’s my honour to attain such an achievement. Currently, I am working as a tax professional, handling corporate income tax matters at Ernst & Young Tax Consultants Sdn Bhd. Balancing work and study life is different for each of us. For me, I have pre-allocated the time for my daily routines such as work, study and family. I believe in setting the priority according to what you value or care the most. By doing this, you’re able to set your mind clear and deal with high-level stress.

Young added, “It’s undeniable that every organisation needs an account function. You can find that this function can be either interesting, dull or both. However, it would definitely be challenging as you need to continuously learn, update and upgrade yourself. Bear in mind that this path does not limit you to just audit/tax professional line. You can develop a different path by joining the commercial industry, or even create your own start-ups.”

Each year, The Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) confers awards to deserving students under the MICPA Excellence Awards. The objective is to honour and recognise young graduates who have achieved all-round excellence in the pursuit of an accounting qualification.

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