UTAR crowned champion at "Build and Break" Competition

A team of five final-year Civil Engineering students from the Faculty of Engineering and Science (FES) of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) won the first prize of the ASIAN Universities Build and Break Competition 2010 (AUBBC 2010) held at Universiti Tenaga Nasional in Kajang on 2 October 2010.

The team, comprising Chiew Yi Zhong (Leader), Lee Teck Wei, Richard Chai Chen Foon, Lee Lian Wei and Lee Kok Sheng, received RM2,000 and plaques for their victorious efforts.

Chiew and three of his current team-mates participated in last year's competition (AUBBC 2009) but his team failed to make the grade. His new team-mate for this year's competition was Lee Kok Sheng.

The experience and knowledge gained from last year's competition proved valuable to Chiew and his team. Chiew said, "We know the rules of the competition better from our participation last year." "After building the model and testing it, we were confident of doing well in the competition," Chiew added.

Another team from UTAR also did well to emerge among the top 17 from a total of 55 teams from 30 institutions of higher learning as the team managed to qualify for the 2nd round even though it was the team's first attempt.

Ong Huei Xing, the only female member of the team, said that building a structural model on the spot was a new experience for her and her team-mates.

Her other team-mates were Lu Hee Ping (Leader), See Tiong Bun, How Kah Choong, and Ooi Chong Yang, all final-year Civil Engineering students at UTAR.

Present to provide moral support to the UTAR students at the competition was Ir. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Chiang. On the performance of the winners, Dr. Chiang said, "The winning UTAR team has done well, because they have used the concept of arching effect of the bunched-up bamboo broom sticks to good use. And they have also provided a wider base to ensure stability and rigidity of the overall structure of the model. Even the judges were impressed with the model."

In addition to local public universities, polytechnics and private higher education institutions, this year's competition saw the participation of teams from foreign universities i.e. National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), and National Taiwan University.

The competition requires each team to build on the spot a structural model as specified in the competition with the given amount of building materials such as bamboo sticks, cardboards, strings, masking tapes etc. within four hours using their creativity.

The winning criteria of the competition include the highest ratio of the failure load to the weight, aesthetic appearance and structural viability of the model built on the spot at the competition.

This competition, open to all students pursuing civil engineering course in Malaysia and some selected universities in ASIAN Countries, is organised by the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) Malaysia Division in collaboration with Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN).

The Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) is a UK professional body dedicated to the art and science of structural engineering and has members in 105 countries.

The winners from UTAR with their winning structural model


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