UTAR is Chem-E-Car champ

UTAR four-student team NGU emerged as the champion of the Chem-E-Car Competition which was organised by the Chemical Engineering Technical Division of the Institution of Engineers of Malaysia and held on 8 and 9 April 2013.

The annual competition challenges the creativity of students of local institutions of higher learning in harnessing chemical energy to move a vehicle carrying a specific load over a specified distance. 

"This time, we started to work on our power source and braking mechanism much earlier," said NGU team leader Chan Junda, because the team participated in the competition before but with little success.  He added, "Although we started work in January, we just managed to complete the car a day before the competition because of technical complications in the alignment and engine stability."

Other members of NGU (for 'never give up') were How Kha Tiam, Pang Wei Siong and Low Chee Leong. 

On behalf of the team, Chan thanked their supervisors Teoh Hui Chieh and Dr Yap Yeow Hong, head and assistant professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering of UTAR Faculty of Engineering and Science respectively, for their guidance throughout the project.  He concluded, "Teamwork and team spirit had prevailed and it was our key success factor in the competition."

Chem-E-Car champions (from left): Low, Chan, How and Pang

Dr Yap (3rd from right)with the UTAR wining team


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