Champion in GreenTech Forum

The UTAR team (left) with the UTP team

Our UTAR team won the Championship in the Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) Greentech Forum at the 33rd Science and Engineering Design Exhibition (SEDEX 33) held at UTP Campus in Tronoh, Perak on 6 August 2014.

The champion team comprised three UTAR students; Leong Chew Wai from the Faculty of Engineering and Science, and Priyadharishiny a/p Rajeindram and Limbada Sayed Irshadally who are both from the Faculty of Arts and Social Science. The team participated in the Greentech Forum which was titled ‘Kyoto Protocol’. The main objective of the forum was to create more awareness on environmental issues caused by the advancement of technology.

The winning team spoke on the effects of the Kyoto Protocol in China. The team members enthused that it was a good experience and they did a lot of background research on the Kyoto Protocol which took them about a week to prepare the facts and figures and rehearse before the forum.

Leong said, “I hope that this win will encourage more UTARians to participate in competitions. As youths, together, we can manifest the virtues of our UTAR emblem. Never feel small to take up challenges.”

Each team, representing a pre-given nation has an allocated 15 minutes to elaborate on the effects of the Kyoto Protocol on their given nation. Thereafter they would take questions from the audience.

The organisers invited all institutions of higher education in the country to participate and send a team of three students, and the name of the given country was stated two weeks prior to the forum to allow time for preparation. UTP won the second prize, while SEGi University won the third prize. The winners were selected by a panel of judges.

The UTAR team (2nd from left) at the forum

Leong, the UTAR team leader

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