Silver medal at NRIC 2014

Three UTAR students from the Department of Civil Engineering under the Faculty of Engineering and Science (FES) were awarded silver in the Novel Research and Innovation Competition (NRIC) 2014, held at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang from 19 to 22 August 2014.

NRIC 2014 aimed to instill the importance of research and development among students and to give them an opportunity to put their talents and creativity into action.

The students in the silver-medalist team were Sim Chia Onn, Eng Wei Sheng and Chung Sze Leong and they received a medal and certificate each. Their team adviser, Ir Dr Low Kaw Sai also received a certificate of acknowledgement on his supervisory role in guiding the team towards clinching the silver award.

The winning project titled Amphibious Bamboo Lightweight Concrete is invented to support heavy construction safely over deep soft subsoil avoiding excessive ‘total and differential’ settlements, and to carry land reclamation load under water or over water as floating platform. The winning trio also set-up a booth to display the components of the system such as bamboo, lightweight concrete, and any light and durable discarded wastes as well as demonstrate the controls on the system’s overall density.

Team Leader Sim enthused, “The competition provided us with the opportunity to put our talents, creativity and innovation into practice. It also helped to improve our communication skills, team work and time management.” On behalf of the team, Sim also expressed thanks to Ir Dr Low for his support and encouragement.

NRIC 2014 was organised by the Student’s Representative Council of Universiti Sains Malaysia and supported by the Minister of Higher Education Malaysia. This competition is opened to all final year undergraduate and diploma students of local and international institutions of higher learning.

(From right) Eng, Sim with Chung holding the silver medal

The winning trio with Ir Dr Low (third from left) and Thai participants at extreme right

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