Triple awards for LKC FES students

Three students from the UTAR Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) made the University proud by winning awards in this year’s recently concluded CUDA (Computer Unified Device Architecture) Programming Challenge and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Malaysia Final Year Project (FYP) Competition 2014.

Master of Engineering and Science student Loo Zhang Bin brought home the First Prize in the CUDA Programming Challenge 2014 which included USD 1,000 and a NVIDIA Quadro GPU card. The challenge was a coding competition that welcomes all types of CUDA programmes to solve a shortest path route selection problem. The problem of finding a path between two vertices or nodes, so that the sum of the weights of all the edges in between is minimized, is a problem that can be solved in polynomial time, and involves a huge amount of computation. The algorithms used to solve this problem can be applied to real-world applications such Google maps and in networking where packets are often routed through the shortest paths to minimize delays. The goal of this year’s challenge was to develop an algorithm to find the shortest path at the least amount of time.

In thanking his supervisor, Dr Chong Poh Kit who encouraged him to participate in this challenge, Loo said, “I had to study many research papers to find a good algorithm which I could implement into the programme. I faced many failures and made many errors during the challenge. However, Dr Chong motivated me by guiding my realisation that mistakes have value, and a significant part of engineering is to find out the cause of failures, and to learn how to fix them.”

As for the 2014 IEEE Malaysia Final Year Project Competition, Ng Wai Hau, and Chen Yong Feng are pursuing their Bachelors of Engineering (Hons) in Electronic and Communications Engineering, and Mechatronics Engineering respectively. They both won the second place in their respective tracks which are Telecommunications (Track 2), and Robotics & Automation (Track 8). The competition was open to all final year project students of 2014. Ng and Chen each received RM 200, a plaque and a certificate from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of Malaysia.

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