Second LKC FES FYP Poster Competition

Winners of the FYP Competition

The Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) organised the second ever Final Year Project (FYP) Poster Competition on 25 August 2016 at Sungai Long Campus. The event was sponsored by MayAir Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd. The purpose of the competition was to encourage students to pursue creativity and conduct research that is beneficial towards society as a whole.

Present at the award ceremony was Ir SP Lim from MayAir Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd who sponsored the awards and cash prizes for the event. Students who won went home with cash prizes of RM250, RM150 and RM100, trophies and certificates.

LKC FES Dean Prof Ir Dr Goi Bok Min said, “Events as such provide an opportunity for students to learn and apply technical and soft skills such as communication, to cultivate creativity in ideas and research skills, and to persevere and strive hard to do their best.”

Ir Lim said, “Acquiring knowledge is important for success, but attitude is far more important for anyone to achieve greater feats. The younger generation should be more willing to learn and acquire skills such as soft skills that enable one to work not only in technical jobs but also in careers in communication. One should dare to take up challenges and learn from these experiences as you go along your career path.”

“The real heroes are our beloved participating students in this competition as they have put so much effort into their work, and I would like to sincerely thank each and every one who assisted in making this event successful,” said LKC FES Assoc Prof Dr Stella Morris.

“This competition is a great training ground for the students to learn how to organise their thoughts and to put them into work that is in a marketable form. Apart from this, students are able to temper their level of confidence in presenting themselves in preparation for their future endeavours,” said Dr Wong Mee Chu, who was one of the judges for the competition.

The competition was differentiated into four tracks. Track One focused on Fundamental Sciences and the winners were 2nd runner up Tan Eng Wei, 1st runner up Png Wen Hao and Champion Ng Tiat Leong. Next, Track Two focused on Applied Sciences and the winners were 2nd runner up Keong Chun Hou, 1st runner up Chong Hon Fong and Champion Lim Fang Jinn. Track Three were based on Materials, Manufacturing, Green and Sustainable Technologies and the winners were 2nd runner up Wong Ee Ren, 1st runners up Ong Kai Sheng and Peggy Lee Siau Wei and Champion Chai Yen Khai. Lastly, Track Four focused on Research, Design and Development in Science and Engineering and the winners were 2nd runner up David Wong Poh Pek, 1st runner up Chong Yung Sin and Champion Chua Khang Hui.

Prof Goi with Track One winners Tan, Ng, Png and Dr Stella

“I would like to thank my supervisor for the past eight months Lew Yoke Lian and my friends who came all the way here to support me. My project focuses on the most common issue in the construction industry, which is accidents. I hope that with my research, the frequency of accidents can be lowered,” said Ng Tiat Leong from Quantity Surveying.

LKC FES Deputy Dean Assoc Prof Dr Yong Thian Khok and Dr Stella with Lim and Chun Hou, the winners from Track Two

“Despite being shocked at being called up the stage to receive the award, I am thankful towards my supervisor Ling Llyod and my friends who supported me in each and every way. My topic focuses on analysing the economic impacts due to El-Nino events and the aging of oil palm plantations in Malaysia. I hope with my findings we can better improve the performance of the industry,” said Lim Fang Jinn from Civil Engineering, who also won the ‘Most Outstanding Award’.

Ir Lim and Dr Stella with Wong, Chai, Peggy and Kai Sheng from Track Three winners

Civil Engineering student Chai Yen Khai said, “Do not be fooled by the result. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I am grateful for this favourable outcome and most importantly, it was an honour to be presenting alongside all the talented participants. Upon completion of the study of my FYP topic, I hope that the nanofiltered (NF) water can penetrate a wider market for the betterment of our generation.”

Prof Goi and Dr Stella with David, Chua and Chong who were the winners from Track Four

Applied Mathematics student Chuah Khang Hui said, “I personally feel that my hard work and effort during the last two semesters have been repaid. I have gained experience in displaying my work and I hope the method that I proposed with my supervisor can be applied to real life scenarios to increase the safety of road users.”

Dr Wong during the judging session

TNB Research Sdn Bhd Managing Director Ir Dr Cheong Kam Hoong evaluating a research project

Prof Goi presenting a token of appreciation to Ir Lim

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