LKC FES FYP Poster Competition

Photography session

With the aim of encouraging students to pursue creativity and to conduct research, the Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) organised the Final Year Project (FYP) Poster Competition 2017 with the IEM Student Chapter on 23 August 2017 at Sungai Long Campus. The event was sponsored by Dexon Electrical Engineering Sdn Bhd and Carpeton Industries Sdn Bhd.

Present at the event were LKC FES Dean Prof Ir Dr Goi Bok Min, Deputy Dean for Student Development and Industrial Training Assoc Prof Dr Lai Soon Onn, Deputy Dean for R&D and Postgraduate Programmes Assoc Prof Dr Yong Thian Khok, Deputy Dean for Academic Development and Undergraduate Programmes Assoc Prof Dr Gulnaziya Issabayeva, FYP Committee Chairman Assoc Prof Dr Stella Morris, sponsors, IAP members, the Heads of Departments, the Heads of Programmes, faculty members and students.

The external judges for the competition were Carpeton Industries Sdn Bhd Project Manager Raymond Lim, Dexon Electrical Engineering Sdn Bhd Managing Director Ir Dexter Goh Hong Ping, Duriane Consult Managing Director Ir Yau Chau Fong, Celcom Axiata Head of Data Dr Tan Chor Min, MayAir Group Ir Lim Sim Pheor, G&P Professionals Sdn Bhd Managing Director Ir Lee Choy Hin,  Jurukur Bahan Perdana Sr Wong Weng Hong, Terato Tech Sdn Bhd Reza Fahmi bin Razali, InternetNow Mohammad H Mahboubian, Galaxy FCT Sdn Bhd Director Albert Ng Kok Foo, Tune Protect Group Berhad Chief Actuary Kelvin Hii Chee Yun, Intermil Holdings Pte Ltd Singapore Goh Cheng Bee, Greenex Consultants & Greenext Professionals Sdn Bhd Managing Director Ir Dr Tan Kuang Leong, MTIS Sdn Bhd Assoc Prof Nigel Patrick Brewitt and Tenaga Nasional Berhad Chief Risk Officer YBhg Datuk Lim Tong Kang.

The internal judges were LKC FES Prof Dr Chia Gek Ling, Prof Dr Chong Kok Keong, Head of Programme for Master of Engineering (Electrical) Assoc Prof Ir Dr V. Gobi, Centre for Healthcare Science and Technology Chairperson Assoc Prof Dr Tang Pek Yee, Assoc Prof Ir Dr Low Kaw Sai, Dr Lee Zhi Hua, Dr Avik De, T.K. Mariam Nainan, Dr Yew Ming Chian, Dr Low Foon Siang, Sr Chang Khong Thong and LKC FES lecturer Ir Wee Sie Toon. 

“I would like to thank our valued sponsors for believing in our students and sharing the vision in this event. In order to be successful, be confident in what you do. This final year project is an important course whereby students can train their communication skills, presentation skills and instil creativity while learning at the same time,” said Prof Dr Goi.

Ir Dexter said, “Congratulation to all the students for doing an amazing job and I believe some of the ideas are ready to be commercialised. It is important to have a strong mindset where one does not give up but to be resourceful and try to overcome the challenges ahead. The internship is important as it is the time the students learn what is in the real world as there are many new perspectives as you explore and decide your career.”  

Lim said, “I was amazed by the research project and prototype done by the UTAR students and I think it is a good opportunity to be exposed to the existing market. Upon graduating, expose yourself and gain knowledge and experience to add value to yourself and be passionate on what you pursue.”

“This competition creates a learning opportunity whereby we get an insight into the students’ projects which aims to solve real-life problems, whilst preparing our students for the real competitive world. I wish and hope that the students take those valuable comments from our judges to bring forward their potential in the form of quality work and face the real competitive environment,” said Assoc Prof Stella.

Most liked Poster award winner Martin said, “My project focuses on raising building’s quality awareness to the professionals who are in the relevant industry in order to produce better quality houses for the society. Through this competition, I have improved my presentation skills, communication skills, critical thinking as well as my self-confidence in preparing for my future career. My motto would be, ‘Work hard in silence and let the success make the noise’.

“This FYP Poster Competition has provided a good platform for the students to explore what is beyond the classroom lessons. We were exposed to the different fields and companies with real-life experiences. Students also get to improve their communication skills in the process of preparing for the competition and our final year project,” said Ng Zi Kent, FYP Poster Competition participant.

The poster competition was categorised under six tracks such as Sustainable Development and Green Technology, Social Studies and Project Management, Software Design and Prototypes, Theoretical or Experimental Sciences; Applied Mathematics, Process Automation and Simulation and Applied Engineering.

Each track champion walked away with a cash prize of RM250 and certificate while the 1st runner up won RM150 and a certificate and 2nd runner up won a cash prize of RM100 and a certificate. The most liked poster on Facebook was awarded a trophy and a certificate. 

The list of winners is as follows:

Track 1: Sustainable Development and Green Technology

Champion: Joehanes Lim Su Shen, “Development of Lightweight Foamed Concrete with 2.5 and 5% Egg Shell Powders as partial cement replacement materials for Sound Insulation” supervised by Assoc Prof Ir Dr Lim Siong Kang.

1st Runner-up: S.K Vitiyaa, “Biodiesel production using calcium oxide catalyst derived from cockle shell” supervised by Dr Sim Jia Huey.

2nd Runner-up: Nicholas Ong Cher Xian, “Removal of copper ion from synthetic wastewater by cation exchange resin” supervised by Assoc Prof Dr Lai Soon Onn.

Track 2: Social Studies and Project Management

Champion: Chooi Chee Yong, “Adsorption of lead ion with spent coffee ground” supervised by Dr Tee Shiau Foon.

1st Runner-up: Lee Yee Linn, “A Case Study of Building Information Modeling for Subsurface” supervised by Assoc Prof Ir Dr Lee Min Lee.

2nd Runner-up: Chin Hui Ling, “Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) to the New Academic Building, UTAR Sungai Long (KB Block)” supervised by Sr Zamharira Sulaiman.

Track 3: Software Design and Prototypes

Champion: Lee Jia Hui, “MYUTAR Ios-based Mobile App” supervised by Chean Swee Ling.

1st Runner-up: Tay Li Ting, “Automatic Detection of Knee Cartilage in Medical Image” supervised by Assoc Prof Dr Tay Yong Haur.  

2nd Runner-up: Tan Kim Seng, “UTAR Bus Tracker Android-based Mobile App” supervised by Chean Swee Ling.

Track 4: Theoretical or Experimental Sciences

Champion: Quek Huei Vern, “Synthesis of solid acid catalyst from rubber seed shells for biodiesel production” supervised by Dr Steven Lim.

1st Runner-up: Teh Wen Shun, “Synthesis of TiO2/activated carbon derived from empty oil palm fruit bunch for photocatalytic reaction” supervised by Dr Pang Yean Ling.

2nd Runner-up: N. S. Michelle, “Physico-chemical analysis of biomaterial fabricated from collagen-chitosan blend” supervised by Dr Woo Kwan Kit.

Track 5: Applied Mathematics, Process Automation and Simulation

Champion: Wang Tze Koon, “Comparative Study between Azimuth-Elevation and Tilt-Roll Sun-Tracking Systems in Range of Motion” supervised by Dr Wong Chee Woon.

1st Runner-up: Gan Chi Ching, “Automated Optimal Forex Spread: A Machine Learning Approach” supervised by Dr Lai An Chow and Dr Goh Yong Kheng.

2nd Runner-up: Ezriann Charanya, “Nonparametric Statistical Analysis on Depressive Symptoms’ supervised by Dr Lee Poh Foong.

Track 6: Applied Engineering

Champion: Zech Chan Sze Zher, “Self-powered Electronic Skin” supervised by Dr Chee Pei Song.

1st Runner-up: Ahmed Ibrahim Hussain, “Wireless Power Monitoring System” supervised by Dr Chua Kein Huat.

2nd Runner-up: Alice Lim Pei San, “Anchorage Design for Post-Tensioned Beam” supervised by Dr Lau See Hung.

Most Liked Poster:

Martin Saw Wei Jie, “Factors of Building Defect Affecting the Quality of High-rise Residential Building” supervised by Sr Zamharira Sulaiman.

The judging session

Sponsors and guest judges

Prof Dr Goi presenting the token of appreciation to Ir Dexter (left) and Raymond (right)

Dr Gulnaziya presenting the ‘Most Liked Poster’ award to Martin

Winners of ‘Sustainable Development and Green Technology’ track

Winners of ‘Social Studies and Project Management’ track

Winners of ‘Software Design and Prototypes’ track

Winners of ‘Theoretical or Experimental Sciences’ track

Winners of ‘Applied Mathematics, Process Automation and Simulation’ track

Winners of ‘Applied Engineering’ track

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