FYP Poster Competition & Industry Interaction Day

The Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) Final Year Project (FYP) Committee and External Relationship Committee (ERC) together with Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) Student Chapter organised an FYP poster competition and Industry Interaction Day on 28 August 2019 at UTAR Sungai Long Campus.

Front row: Prof Goi (fourth from left), Herman Syah (fifth from left), and Mohd Radzai (sixth from left) with judges and UTAR faculty members

The biannual competition saw a total of 116 FYP posters showcased among the 400 posters submitted under 9 categories. With only 10 minutes allocated, the participants were required to impress the judges with their projects as well as presentation skills for a chance to win prizes worth more than RM3,000. The event aimed to encourage students to pursue research excellence and cultivate creativity. It helps to prepare and expose the students to a real competitive environment, inside and outside the campus. It also helps them realise their strengths and weaknesses and move forward to face the real competitive environment. This event will not only enable the students to bring forward their potential in the form of quality work but also provide an opportunity to other batches of students to get new ideas and thoughts regarding final year projects. Besides, the competition also aimed to create a platform for the students to interact with the industry and give them exposure to the current criteria and requirements of the industry. Many industries were invited to set-up booths to promote two-way interaction. The industries got an opportunity to know what our students were working on, while at the same time, the students got an opportunity to know what was in demand and required by the industry. In addition, students get an opportunity to meet with industry experts from frontier engineering and frontier technologies who also conduct walk-in interviews during the event. This exposes our students to exciting career prospects and provides an opportunity to secure their jobs even before graduation.

The Industry Interaction Day saw the participation of 31 companies, namely China Construction Engineering (S.E.A) Malaysia Sdn Bhd, EMP Wealth Solution, Goal Achievers Sdn Bhd (AIA), GS Realty Sdn Bhd (Real Team Elite), Sanjung Khas Sdn Bhd, Wise AI, Greatech Integration (M) Sdn Bhd, Amkor Technology Malaysia, BIM Engineering Solution & Technology Sdn Bhd, Cyber Village Sdn Bhd, Unit Concept Sdn Bhd, Metlife, Finergy Advisory Sdn Bhd, Adaptive Netpoleon Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Equator Engineering Sdn Bhd, Finexus Group, Makna Setia Sdn Bhd, Peck Chew Piling (M) Sdn Bhd, Sunway Construction Sdn Bhd, Surbana International Consultants (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Torrecid Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Zhongji Construction Sdn Bhd, Starken AAC Sdn Bhd, Evol Consultancy, Gading Kencana Sdn Bhd, M-Cube Engineering Sdn Bhd, Scientific & Technical Products Sdn Bhd, Sunway Velocity Mall Sdn Bhd, Tenda Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Transfame Sdn. Bhd and Vastcomp Solutions Sdn Bhd.

Sponsors of the LKC FES Final Year Project (FYP) Poster Competition & Industry Interaction Day

Front row, from left: Mohd Radzai, Herman Syah, Prof Goi, Goh Siew Chin and Gan with industry judges, UTAR staff and participants

Present at the event were LKC FES Dean Ir Prof Dr Goi Bok Min, Brunsfield International Group Director of Human Resource Goh Siew Chin, MDT Innovations Board of Director Herman Syah Abdul Rahim, MDT Innovations Director of Planning and Corporate Affairs Mohd Radzai Mohd Salleh, MDT Innovations R&D Manager Chew Hoo Beng, LKC FES Deputy Dean for Student Development and Industrial Training Ir Dr Lim Jee Hock, LKC FES Deputy Dean for Academic Development and Undergraduate Programmes Ir Prof Dr Yow Ho Kwang, LKC FES Deputy Dean for R&D and Postgraduate Programmes Assoc Prof Ts Dr Yap Wun She, LKC FES FYP Committee Chairperson Assoc Prof Ts Dr Stella Morris, LKC FES ERC Chairperson Dr Chee Pei Song, UTAR IEM Student Chapter President Tan Kai Hee, sponsors, IAP members, industry exhibitors, heads of departments, heads of programmes, faculty members and students.

There were nine tracks included in the competition, namely Architecture and Sustainable Design, Mathematical and Actuarial Sciences, Mechatronics and Bio Medical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Internet Engineering and Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical and Material Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Quantity Surveying.

The external judges for the competition were Surbana International Consultants (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd General Manager Tan Eng Kiat, Garis Architects Sdn Bhd Director Ar Steven Ngu Ngie Woon, Sunway SVM Sdn Bhd Senior Marketing Executive Chan You Li, SKE Alliance Sdn Bhd Ir Dr Yeoh Hak Koon, Greenex Consultants & Greenext Professionals Sdn Bhd Director Ir Dr Tan Kuang Leong, Kombinasi Bijak Sdn Bhd Director Ir Yam Teong Sian, YLD Professional Sdn Bhd Director Ir Tu Yong Eng, Peck Chew Piling (M) Sdn Bhd Technical Director Tan Wei Keat, Dr Tan Chor Min from Celcom Axiata, Yong Jun Jack from Webe, formerly known as Packet One Networks (M) Sdn Bhd, Tan Kuan Thye from Huawei Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd, First Echelon Sdn Bhd Director Albert Ng, Herman Syah, Mohd Radzai, Adaptive Netpoleon Malaysia Sdn Bhd Regional Management Manager Ma Jee Meng, WISE AI Sdn Bhd AI Engineer Dr Lim Chern Loon, Silverlake Axis CEO of Global Transformation Dr Raymond Kwong, Vastcomp Solutions Sdn Bhd Group Managing Director Dato Roger Foo Chin Hong, MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Bhd Vice President Kelvin Hii Chee Yun, Finergy Advisory Sdn Bhd Director Karen Ong, Chin Wee Seong from Goal Achievers Sdn Bhd (AIA), Tan Keng Yuen from Johnson Medical International Sdn Bhd, Sanjung Khas Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer Ho Yoon Tee, Torrecid Malaysia Sdn Bhd Human Resource Officer Norhaslina Hamzah, Ir Woo Ah Keong from Master Jaya Engineering Sdn Bhd, Sr Luqman Yahaya from AZM Perunding Ukur Bahan and Dr Haryati from Politeknik Behrang.

The judging session

Judges from UTAR included LKC FES academics Rahmawaty, Dr Yap Yeow Hong, Dr Woo Kwan Kit, Dr Ng Law Yong, Dr Lim Chun Hsion, Dr Gan Chin Heng, Assoc Prof Ir Dr Khoo Hooi Ling, Mariam Nainan T.K Nainan, Dr Pan Wei Yeing, Dr Lee Jer Vui, Dr Ting Chen Hunt, Dr Low Foon Siang, Nor Marina Binti Rosli, Dr Chan Yuan Eng and Sr Chang Khong Thong.

In between the event, a sharing session by the Department of Alumni Relations and Placement (DARP) was held to promote the alumni activities. The session was followed by a series of talks promoting the postgraduate programmes by Head of Master of Mathematics programme Dr Denis Wong, Head of Master of Project Management programme Dr Chia Fah Choy, Head of MEng(Electronic Systems) & MEng(Electrical) programmes Dr Shee Yu Gang, and Head of PhD(Sc) & MSc Programmes Dr Khaw Chwin Chieh.

In his welcome speech, Prof Goi thanked the sponsors and said, “I would like to congratulate all the students. After all the struggles, you can finally present your FYP research to these prominent judges. More than 400 students participated in the competition and only about 120 were shortlisted. To those who have not been chosen as winners today, I would like to say that all of you are already winners no matter what.”

Prof Goi delivering his speech

In conjunction with the competition, the event also saw the presentation of sponsored awards by Brunsfield International Group, MDT Innovations Sdn Bhd and Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). Among the awards given were Brunsfield Gold Medal Award for Civil Engineering Graduate, MDT Innovations Best Project Award, MDT Innovations Best Graduate Award, and BEM Award of Academic Excellence for the Best Engineering Graduate.

Brunsfield Gold Medal Award Recipient: Leong Kar Sing

MDT Award Recipients: Benny Law, Cheah Kai Yuen, Miow Xie Cherng, Saw Jian Jing, and Chong Kwang Liang

Recipient of BEM Award of Academic Excellence: Chong Kwang Liang

The posters were evaluated based on appearance, content, and presentation in their respective tracks. The posters were assessed by both internal and external judges from the faculty and industry alike. In order to win the judges’ hearts, the participants were expected to engage with the judges through a good presentation, narration and answering questions as well as being clear and concise on their projects.


Track 1: Architecture and Sustainable Design

Track 1 winners

Champion: Chong Weng Cing, “Nature Educational Park”

First Runner-up: Law Jan Shen, “Rebana Kelantan Musical Oasis”


Track 2: Mathematical and Actuarial Sciences

Track 2 participants and winners

Champion: Ho Zi Xuan, “Application of the Blockchain Technology within Insurance Sector”

First Runner-up: Tai Yu Bin, “Graph Labelings”


Track 3: Mechatronics and BioMedical Engineering

Track 3 participants and winners

Champion: Lim Zi Feng, “Real-Time Deep Learning-Based Detection and Classification of Adult and Children by Using Single Shot Multibox Detector”

First Runner-up:Wafa Habib “On Locomotor Activity and Sensory Responses”


Track 4: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

 Track 4 participants and winners

Champion: Lee Kar Hing, “System Optimize of Hemispherical Irradiance Meter”

First Runner-up:Laya Mohammed, “Circuit Design on Filter and Amplifier for Brainwaves Detection”


Track 5: Internet Engineering and Computer Science

Track 5 participants and winners

Champion: Edward Chee Wei Jie, “Development of Smart Entrepreneur Tool that facilitates face to face communication”

First Runner-up:Tee Wen Seng, “Proximity Attendance Management System with BLE Beacons”

Second Runner-up:Sio Wei Siong, “Backend Secure Gated and Guarded Monitoring Systems with Data Visualization”


Track 6: Chemical Engineering

Track 6 participants and winners

Champion: Loo Wei Ting, “Synthesis of Catalyst from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch for the Production of Biodiesel through Interesterification Process”

First Runner-up: Chung Wen Loong, “Pretreatment of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch for Quality Improvement in Oil Palm Fibre Industry”

Second Runner-up:Gan Jin Yee, “Incorporation of Natural Product Derived Carbon Quantum Dots with Silver for Membrane Fabrication”


Track 7: Mechanical and Material Engineering

Track 7 participants and winners

Champion: Yong Cherng Liin, “Heat Transfer Analysis of Pin Fin Heat Sinks Using Computational Fluid Dynamics”

First Runner-up:Goh Qi Lun, “Prototype on Building A Wearable Monitoring Brainwaves Analysis for Positive Mood Regulation”

Second Runner-up:Kelvin Yong Chun Pong, “Bearing Remnant Prediction”


Track 8: Civil Engineering

Track 8 participants and winners

Champion: Wong Chee Yi, “Thermal and Acoustic Properties of 1400 kg/m3 Foamed Concrete Incorporate with Calcium Stearate”

First Runner-up:Ooi Wei Chien, “Strength Properties of Bio-mediated Tropical Residual Soil with Different Treatment Duration”

Second Runner-up:Lee Ai Fong, “Flexural behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams with 5 cm and 7 cm Length of Waste PET Bottle Fibres as Shear Link Replacement”


Track 9: Quantity Surveying

Track 9 participants and winners

Champion: Kimberly Lau Su Wenn, “To Study the RFID Usage In The Malaysia Construction Industry”

First Runner-up:Leow Hing Chuan, “A Study on the Essential Use of Electronic Communication (E.C) Technology in Malaysian Construction Industry”

Second Runner-up:Tan Wai Lun, “Aspect of IBS Contribute to Sustainability in Malaysian Construction Industry”

Second Runner-up:Ang Tai Teck, “A Study on Challenges to Adoption of Green Building Concept in Klang Valley”


In addition, there was a Most Liked Poster Award awarded to the poster which attracted the most likes and also a Grand Prize for the grand lucky draw winner.


Most Liked Poster Award

Most Liked Poster Award Recipient: Chong Weng Cing, “Nature Educational Park”

Grand Prize Recipient: Kho Yi Yung

Track 1 winner and Most Liked Poster Award recipient Chong Weng Cing said, “I didn’t expect to win as many of them did better in terms of designing the poster and providing information. When the track 1 champion was announced, I was shocked and felt lucky to be the winner. Same goes to the announcement for the most liked poster award. I’d like to thank my lecturers for their guidance and the judges for giving me constructive feedback. Now, I will be able to improve my design. I’m grateful to have won two awards at the same time.”

Track 2 Champion Ho Zi Xuan said, “I feel happy to be able to share this joy and achievement with my supervisor and my family. My ultimate goal was to deliver the idea of my design through this poster without any verbal explanation. This competition has taught me to believe in myself and accept my effort. I tend to look down on the quality of my works but my family kept supporting me and they told me how good my work was. It's really a wonderful thing to be able to accept myself. I believe I won this competition because I was able to explain the complicated systems in a much simpler way.”

Track 3 Champion Lim Zi Feng said, “I am very happy to have won this competition. It feels great to have my effort recognised. The process of designing the template and compiling my work was a fun and interesting experience. The competition gave me a new experience whereby I was able to share my thought process and sell my ideas to strangers. It was also a good opportunity to interact with people from the industry. Hard work is the secret to my success.”

Track 4 Champion Lee Kar Hing said, “It feels great to have won this competition. This is the very moment you realise that all the hard work you put in for the duration of 10 months is finally paid off. My supervisor, Dr Lim Boon Han's unreserved criticism while reviewing my project is one of my secrets to winning this competition. He is rather frank and he gives me advice without any sort of biasness. He taught me many things both about the prototype and my attitude towards the project.”

Track 5 Champion Edward Chee Wei Jie said, “Hard work pays off. I am thankful for my supervisor’s guidance and coursemates’ support throughout the project. I practised by talking to myself in the mirror to build up my confidence. I’m glad cos I’ve learnt speaking and interaction skills through this competition. Being confident all the time, especially while answering questions from the judges would be my secret to success.”

Track 7 Champion Yong Cherng Liin said, “I am very happy. It is truly an honour to receive this award. I spent most of my time in front of my computer and consulting my supervisor to obtain optimum results for this competition. I also consulted my coursemates, who advised me on my presentation skills. This competition taught me how to deliver my works in the most interesting way. I think the secret of my success is the enormous support I gained from my supervisor and coursemates.”

Wong Chee Yi, the champion of Track 8 said, “I was surprised because it was unexpected. And now I am very happy because I worked very hard and studied my FYP in detail. Every time I come across difficulties, I would look for my FYP Advisor Dr Lee Yee Ling to guide me through it. She is very helpful and kind. I’m grateful to have found a lecturer like her. This competition taught me confidence and it helped to improve my presentation skills. My secret to success is hard work and confidence.”

Kimberly Lau Su Wenn, the champion of Track 9 said, “I believe this is an achievement for me before graduating. Although it might not be a huge competition, I am extremely happy and honoured to have won this competition. I have always liked designing although I’m not from the creative faculty. It has been a great pleasure to finally put my creativity into something that could make it shine. Despite juggling between preparations for the upcoming exams and current events, it is still a fun journey as I get to experience something different from the usual presentation in the classroom.”

Some of the career exhibition booths by industry partners 

MDT Innovations Best Project Award was won by a team of LKC FES students, namely Miow Xie Cherng, Benny Law, Cheah Kai Yuen, and Saw Jian Jing. One of the team members Miow said, “I was really surprised when they announced my team as the winner of the MDT Innovations Best Project Award. My team and I couldn’t contain our excitement when we found out that we were selected for the competition. We had put in our best effort to make the product more productive. I believe the secret of our success lies in our ability to assemble teammates from different backgrounds with different expertise.”

The winner of MDT Innovations Best Graduate Award and BEM Award of Academic Excellence for the Best Engineering Graduate, Chong Kwang Liang said, “I am glad that I have received this reward after four years of studying at UTAR. It is a great recognition for me and I did not expect to win it. It is my four years’ worth of cumulative effort. Always work hard and work smart. Also, never give up even if you did not achieve what you wanted. Try your best again so that you can achieve the best outcome the next time. Time management is the major key in achieving good academic results.”

The organisers of this event said, “We encourage students to work on industry-related projects, where they get an opportunity to explore frontier engineering and frontier technologies such as 4th Industry Revolution, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security. At the same time, we hope students apply the knowledge gained through study, experience, and practice together with judgment.”

LKC FES appreciates all those who have contributed to this event, congratulates all winners, and looks forward to the next event in April 2020.


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