LKC FES students secured three prizes at NACES 2019

UTAR Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) students won three prizes at the National Chemical Engineering Symposium 2019 (NACES 2019) competitions, held by Chemical Engineering Students’ Society of Universiti Malaysia Pahang in collaboration with Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE). The event was held from 4 to 6 October 2019 at Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Gambang.

Themed ‘Infinity Loop: Breaking the Paradigm through Resources Optimization’, the symposium provided a platform for Chemical Engineering students to nurture a culture of innovation and creativity. It also aimed to provide Chemical Engineering students all over Malaysia the opportunity to interact with the industry. The symposium featured eight competitions, namely Plant Design Competition, Exhibition Competition, Technical Presentation Competition, Technical Case Study Competition, Technical Debate Competition, Technical Essay Writing Competition, Technical Video Competition and Chemical Engineering Challenges.

Chum Chinson, R. Dhivesh, B. N. Udayanair and Vincent Loo Lien Kai won first runner-up in the Technical Case Study Competition and took home RM800 cash prize as well as certificates. Allan Chong Han Lin, Chan Xu Yao, Lim Chong Meng and Yap Jun Weng came in as the second runner-up for Technical Presentation Competition and walked away with RM400 and certificates while Chai Yi Jun won RM100 and a certificate as she emerged as the second runner-up for the Technical essay writing competition.   

The Technical Case Study Competition required participants to select a topic on a chemical process and explain the process in detail, whereas the Technical Presentation Competition required the participants to look for a practical solution for the issues given related to chemical engineering. This category aimed to increase participants’ awareness of the importance of optimisation of resources for future benefits and to enhance the participants’ presentation and communication skills. Throughout the competitions, participants were called to demonstrate design product aspiration, critical thinking, communication and teamwork.

The Technical essay writing competition aimed to inspire and instil the importance of optimising resources, and foster future chemical engineers with fundamental knowledge, innovative ideas and critical thinking abilities. Participants were required to submit an essay that reflected their opinion and technical analysis on the method to optimise the use of resources from the raw material until it becomes waste.

Third from left: B. N. Udayanair, Vincent Loo, Chum and R. Dhivesh with their first runner-up prizes for Technical Case Study Competition

Second from left: Lim, Allan Chong, Yap and Chan were the second runner-up winners for Technical Presentation Competition

Group photo of the UTAR NACES team with all the participants and advisors at Astaka Hall, Universiti Malaysia Pahang

UTAR NACES team at Bukit Gambang Resort City, Pahang

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