Architecture students win awards at PAASWE2019

Winners of Best Booth Award

Back row, from left: Jonathan See Yu Hoong, Lee Kai Shin, Nelson Ding Kai Jie, Lum Yeong Kang, Rahmawathy, Ts Tan Kok Hong, Ar Adrianta Aziz, Lew Koay Youliang, Wong Puy Yan, Cheah Yi Theng, Lim Yi Syuen, Amelia Low Chuan Yin and Tan Shin Jie

Front row, from left: Tai Si Wei, Lee Jun Huang, Yuganes Krishnan, Ooi Zhong Min, Sam Zheng Hwa, Chew Joon Kit, Jeremy Tew Bun Teck, Abd Muluk bin Abd Manan, Cheong Li Bin and Keng Pei Ni

UTAR Architecture students won three awards at the 14th PAM Annual Architecture Student Works Exhibition 2019 (PAASWE2019). The exhibition was organised by Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia PAM Education Committee from 2 to 6 October 2019 at Ground Floor, Centre Court, 1Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

The theme of the exhibition this year was “METAMORPHOSIS”. It showcased the very best of architectural students’ works from all Malaysian public and private architecture programmes. Each participating school was required to exhibit their students’ works according to the theme and to meet the required size and shape. “METAMORPHOSIS” aimed to explore the many possibilities of transformation within a space in the context of lighting, spacing, body, sound and airflow. 

The proud winners of Favourite Booth Award by Sponsor (Orlando Holdings Sdn Bhd)

Back row, from left: Lee Jun Huang, Ooi Zhong Min, Yuganes Krishnan, Cheong Li Bin, Jeremy Tew Bun Teck, Rahmawaty, Ar Adrianta Aziz, Representative from Orando Holdings Sdn Bhd, Representative from Thung Hing Group and Abd Muluk bin Abd Manan

Center row, from left:  Amelia Low Chuan Yin, Wong Puy Yan

Front row, from left: Lum Yeong Kang, Lee Kai Shin, Jonathan See Yu Hoong, Nelson Ding Kai Jie, Tan Shin Jie, Cheah Yi Theng, Tai Si Wei and Keng Pei Ni

Certificates won by the team

The objective of “METAMORPHOSIS” was to have each institute come up with a two-column design that showcases the creativity to manipulate the space given using only two columns.  It aimed to exhibit Architecture students’ works from each institute and see how each institute interprets “METAMORPHOSIS” through the medium of two columns. The exhibition also aimed to raise public awareness on the process of educating an architect and public information of Architecture as a respectable career, exposure of the Architecture schools in Malaysia and their products, and exposure of architecture students to the public.

Third Place in Best Performance – Three Minutes Gimmick

The exhibition this round saw the participation of 37 UTAR Architecture students, namely Boon Jing Jack, Chan Nam Zhen, Cheah Yi Theng, Cheong Jun Zhang, Cheong Li Bin, Chew Joon Kit, Chong Zhen Hao, Chong Zhun Tack, Nelson Ding Kai Jie, Goh Jia Wen, Ho Song Sen, Keng Pei Ni, Kiew Si Ann, Koh Kwok Ming, Yuganes Krishnan, Lew Koay Youliang, Lee Chiao Ying, Lee Jun Huang, Lee Kai Shin, Lim Jia Chin, Lim Yi Syuen, Ling Zhi Shan, Amelia Low Chuan Yin, Lum Yeong Kang, Lu Yien Jun, Ooi Zhong Min, Rlivashini Ramachandran, Sam Zheng Hwa, Jonathan See Yu Hoong, Aloysius Sim Jing Xian, Tan Shin Jie, Tai Si Wei, Tan Yong Rui, Tang Zheng Yee, Anderson Ting Guo Shen, Wong Puy Yan and Yap Sheau Shiuan. They were accompanied by their advisors-cum-lecturer Rahmawaty, Jeremy Tew Bun Teck and Ts Tan Kok Hong.

The team won three awards, namely Silver for the “Best Booth Award”, “Favourite Booth Award” by Sponsor (Orlando Holdings Sdn Bhd) and Third Place in the Best Performance Award. Moreover, the event also witnessed Chen Bing Wei winning the PAM Academic Excellence Award 2019.

The Best Booth Award and Favorite Booth Award were won by all 37 students for their team effort. Third Place in Best Performance was won by 12 performing students, namely Cheah Yi Theng, Cheong Li Bin, Maeson Chong Wai Xuan, Nelson Ding Kai Jie, Keng Pei Ni, Lee Jun Huang, Lum Yeong Kang, Ooi Zhong Min, Jonathan See Hu Hoong, Tai Si Wei, Tan Shin Jie and Yuganes Krishnan.

Chen Bing Wei (middle) won the PAM Academic Excellence Award 2019

Participating for the second time, the event saw the participation of 15 student volunteers from UTAR. The students include Cheah Yi Theng, Cheong Li Bin, Chew Joon Kit, Nelson Ding Kai Jie, Keng Pei Ni, Lee Kai Shin, Lew Koay Youliang, Lim Yi Syuen, Lum Yeong Kang, Sam Zheng Hwa, Jonathan See Yu Hoong, Tai Si Wei, Tan Shin Jie, Tan Tai Yon, and Yap Sheau Shian.

Back row, fourth from left: Ar Adrianta Aziz with the student volunteers from UTAR

Ar Adrianta Aziz (most left) presenting certificates to the student volunteers

Ranking of Best Booth Design

Highlights of PAASWE2019: Workshop session

During the installation

During the presentation

Other on-site competitions

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