Architecture student wins Miss Grand Selangor 2020

K Lishalliny

Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) Architecture student K. Lishalliny won the Miss Grand Selangor 2020. She was crowned at the coronation night which was held at MATIC Mini Auditorium Hall on 25 July 2020. Aside from the Miss Grand Selangor 2020 title, Lishalliny also won the subsidiary title of Miss Body Beautiful.

Lishalliny said, “Pageant has always been my passion and dream. I was bullied back then for being chubby, however, that made me even stronger to fight for my passion. I had been a runner-up several times before winning the Miss Grand Selangor.” She expressed her joy when her name was announced as the winner, “When the camera flashes started flickering, that’s when I realised that I had really won and I put on the biggest smile. I feel so honoured and thankful to be chosen as Miss Grand Selangor 2020.”

As Lishalliny speaks about her advocacy in stopping period poverty, she said, “It's really jaw-dropping to hear that youngsters routinely missed school because they couldn't afford sanitary pads. Period poverty is a global problem that affects the health, education and productivity of young girls and women. There are many reasons for this stigma but both girls and boys need to end this poverty.”

Lishalliny believes that beauty comes from within. She said, “Through this beauty pageant, I’ve learnt to discover my hidden talents and be more confident about myself. I also practised a healthy lifestyle and self-discipline which impacted me physically and mentally in a healthier way. It also helped me to think wisely in areas concerning my life as well as my studies.”

“In five years from now, I would want to see myself settled with my passion until the internationals and also create a strong path for my career in architecture,” said Lishalliny.

Lishalliny’s next step would be advancing to the National Level which is Miss Grand Malaysia 2020.

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