Alibaba GET Global Challenge top 40 teams for semi-final

From left: Goh, Kum and Ng selling Kleenso products at their booth

A team, namely Muze Kyo Trading from Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) was shortlisted as one of the top 40 teams to compete in the semi-final round of Alibaba GET Global Challenge (Malaysia) 2020. The team members consisted of Bachelor of Science (Hons) Actuarial Science students Ng Jing Hong, Kum Mei Yu and Goh Kai Ni.

The Alibaba GET Global Challenge is an international youth digital solution competition that is organised by Alibaba GET Channel Partner – ITS Management Sdn Bhd and hosted by Global eCommerce Talent (GET) Network of Alibaba Group.

With more than 10 countries participating, the competition aimed to encourage young entrepreneurs to exhibit their creativeness and talents in developing unique digital solutions for businesses, individuals, and institutions affected by the pandemic. It is also hoped that the competition will inspire more young entrepreneurs to get involved and create an influential impact for the entire communities of Malaysia and even globally.

For Muze Kyo Trading, the team’s impactful project for the competition advocated for the usage of biodegradable and eco-friendly products in consumers’ daily lives to preserve nature. The team collaborated with Kleenso Resources Sdn Bhd to help them sell their products and expand their brand exposure and customer base. 

“We decided to collaborate with Kleenso because there is a high demand for household cleaning products, and we are optimistic about the functionality of their products. Not to mention, it is also a local brand that manufactures, markets and distributes biodegradable household detergents, D.I.Y Pest Repellent Products, and Biodegradable Disposable Ware. The company also promotes no harmful chemical, use safe ingredients, preservation and non-poison to produce and preserve our product quality. Most Kleenso products are highly biodegradable and environmentally friendly,” explained team leader Ng.

The team also met Kleenso founder Lee Teck Meng, at a pitching session. It provided them with the opportunity to interact with the founder and to better understand the business idea of the company. Having able to set up a booth at UTAR Sungai Long Campus to sell Kleenso products to the public also enabled them to identify further on their business concepts, targeted customer base, products, and financing details.

“I believe the significant root is our business idea that has greater prospects since we are promoting multifunctional and environmentally friendly products. All people prefer doing more in lesser time, especially for household chores. Thus, multipurpose products are on the trend now. As environmental awareness among people gets higher, conscientious and environmentally friendly products and brands thrive into the sight of people. We believe that our idea has the potential to succeed in the future. Thus, this is why I think our group can be shortlisted,” enthused Ng. The team also thanked UTAR and their mentors, namely Head of Master of Information Systems programme Dr Wong Whee Yen, Ts Dr Yong Yoke Leng, and Beh Hooi Ching.

Apart from Muze Kyo Trading, other teams, namely CATRY and Jeunesse from Faculty of Creative Industries, and i-Farm and MEDIC from Faculty of Accountancy and Management were also shortlisted as the top 40 teams competing in the semi-final round.

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