LKC FES students showcase their talents at the online FYP poster competition

The Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) Final Year Project once again came up with its first Final Year Project (FYP) Poster Competition for the year 2020. The biannual competition aimed at sharpening students’ thinking skills in creating a compelling and focused presentation of their final year projects. The event also aimed to help students realise their strengths and weaknesses and move forward to face the real competitive environment.

Due to the Movement Control Order (MCO), LKC FES Final Year Poster Competition and Industry Interaction Day, which was scheduled in April 2020 was cancelled and replaced with online LKC FES FYP Poster Competition.

The biannual competition saw a total of 33 winning posters from more than 700 students among the nine departments of LKC FES. The posters were submitted under nine tracks namely Architecture and Sustainable Design, Mechatronics and Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Internet Engineering and Computer Science, Mathematical and Actuarial Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical and Material Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Quantity Surveying.

The posters were evaluated based on the appearance and content and were assessed by internal judges in with three different levels of screening, namely level 1 - at the supervisor level, level 2 - at the department level, and lastly level 3 - at the faculty level. All winners were awarded certificates to mark their achievement.

The winners of the online FYP Poster Competition are as follows:

Track one: Architecture and Sustainable Design

Champion: Lim Jeng Ying, “MIZAN: Kampong Bharu Cultural Centre”

First runner-up: Ngim Yi Jing, “NIWAN: Kampong Bharu Civic Centre”

Second runner-up: Bay Soon Seng, “IRAMA: A Performance Centre”

Track two: Mathematical and Actuarial Sciences

Champion: Law Zhuo Heng, “Twitter Sentiment Analysis”

First runner-up: Chai Hui Yung, Chin Yi Sheen, Hoe Jing Yi, Ko Yint San, Ong Wen Qian, “A New Mortgage Loan Model: Smart Mortgage Loan”

Track three: Mechatronics and Biomedical Engineering

Champion: Lim Bing Yan, “Integration of IoT in Aquaponics- A Feasibility Study”

First runner-up: Jessica Hon Siau Chieh, “IoT based Palm Oil Mill Automation in Monitoring Oil Extraction Rate”

Second runner-up:  Chew Yuin Yee, “IoT Water Quality Monitoring System”

Track four: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Champion: Philip Tan Boon Hong, “Compact Planar Antenna for Metal-mountable UHF RFID Tag Design”

First runner-up: Ishan Singh, “An Exposition on Manifolds and Spacetime”  

Second runner-up:  Hue Yung Sheng, “Investigation on The Effectiveness of an ANN Based PI Controller for UPQC In Enhancing the Stability of Power System”

Track five: Internet Engineering and Computer Science

Champion: Yeo Ming Sern, “Part-Time Job Finder Application With Recommendation And Scam Detection”

First runner-up: Chin Kai Xiang, “Tenant Management Mobile App”

Second runner-up: Lee Wen Kang, “Design and Development of a Chatbot App for Aged Person”

Second runner-up: Foo Yen Shan, “Educational Puzzle”

Track six: Chemical Engineering

Champion: Lim Chin Woei, “Synthesis and Characterisation of Cellulose/Nitrogen-Doped Titanium Dioxide (N-TiO2) Composite using Hydrothermal Method for Sonocatalytic Degradation”

First runner-up: Tan Wei Yang, “Microbial Powered Down-Flow Hanging Sponge for Nutrient Removal in Sewage Treatment”

Second runner-up: Kayshni A/P Lingeswaran, “Investigation on the Performance of Biosorbent and Activated Carbon in the Removal of Cationic Contaminant from Water”

Second runner-up: Chua Chen Liang, “Investigation Study of Polyvinyl Alcohol Added with Calcined Mussel Shell and Carbon Nanotubes Biocomposites” 

Second runner-up: Foo Jia Qi, “Recovery of Phosphate from Livestock/Aqueous Wastewater using Struvite Crystallization”

Track seven: Mechanical and Material Engineering

Champion: Lim Wan Lynn, “Study Of Heat Pump Drying System”

First runner-up: Tain Yuan Phin, “Effect Of Aging Times on Sn-Ag-Cu Alloy”

Second runner-up: Ong Juen Hau, “An Experimental Study of the Effects of Ethanol on the Evaporation Behavior of Diesel”

Second runner-up: Tien Chan Wai, “Extraction of Zinc and Iron from Steel Dust Waste”

Second runner-up: Chee Kong Meng, “Effects of Ethanol on the Combustion Characteristics of Palm Biodiesel”

Track eight: Civil Engineering

Champion: Chua Shun Chin, “Conceptual design of prefabricated flooring system for urban housing development”

First runner-up: Ng Wen Wei, “Engineering Properties of Lightweight Foamed Concrete with 25% and 50% Ceramic Tile Wastes as Partial Cement Replacement Material”

Second runner-up: Ling King Ee, “Effectiveness of employee capability in enhancing infrastructure asset management”

Second runner-up: Lee Chee Guan, “Physical properties of 1000 kg/m3 foamed concrete incorporated with water repellent agent”

Track nine: Quantity Surveying

Champion: Khoo Wei Min, “Waste Management of Construction Projects in Malaysia”

First runner-up: Jaron Tang Seng Wei, “A Study on the Effectiveness of Waste Management in Construction Project - Klang Valley”

Second runner-up: Pang Ke Xin, “A Study on Strategies for Promoting Green Buildings Adoption in Construction Industry”

Second runner-up: Lee Wai Bin, “Strategies for Reducing Project Delays in Construction Industry”

LKC FES appreciates all those who have contributed to this event, congratulates all winners, and looks forward to the next event in August 2020.

The winning posters have been uploaded on Facebook at:

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