UTAR team made it to Top 10 of Global Final at Alibaba GDT Global Challenge 2021

Team Quadrifoglio

Team Quadrifoglio from UTAR was shortlisted as the Top 10 of Global Final in the Alibaba GDT Global Challenge 2021 on 7 December 2021. Team Quadrifoglio was among over 2,000 teams from 12 countries, namely China, Colombia, France, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States. The team consisted of Faculty of Accountancy and Management (FAM) students Wilson Wong Wee Sen, Chong Pei Xin, Izzatt Ikhwan bin Kamarol Jamal and Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) student Yeoh Zhao Wei. Mentoring the team was FAM lecturer Assoc Prof Dr Mohammad Falahat Nejadmahani.

Team Quadrifoglio commented, “Being the Top 10 finalist of the Alibaba GDT Global Challenge 2021 is an achievement that we have never dreamed of. Competing with the vast contenders worldwide, we only wanted to do our best in this project with no other far-fetched ambitions. Yes, we sacrificed countless of time and sleep working together but it was all worth it. We were blessed with a very supportive manufacturer, JTEC, who provided us with the relevant support and assistance. We would like to thank our mentor, Dr Falahat from UTAR Faculty of Accountancy and Management, for guiding us patiently throughout the entire journey. We would also like to thank everyone including our friends and families for their insightful comments and support that made us improve our performance.”

They added, “From producing the social media content from scratch (app-building is such a tedious process) to hitting our first milestone of 500 views, receiving the sudden news of entering the final pitch (which threw us into an ecstatic frenzy), and spending time together cracking our heads to brainstorm for the next big idea, we have learned many valuable lessons which we will not forget. E-commerce is indeed never easy, however, this competition has taught us the values of teamwork and resilience. By holding fast to each other, even the most mediocre of people can create wonders. Here’s an ode to the friendships gained, here’s a toast to the memories created.”

UTAR congratulates Team Quadrigoflio on being the Top 10 of Global Final in the Alibaba GDT Global Challenge 2021 looks forward to the further successes.

Alibaba holds Alibaba GDT Global Challenge every year to encourage the world’s youth to develop digital solutions that could solve social problems. 2021 Alibaba GDT Global Challenge calls upon young entrepreneurs to identify new niches, design products and services that meet the unmet needs and use ecosystem resources to create digital native brands.

The challenge exposed the students to the know-hows of DTC brand building and 4C model of research, brand purpose, brand positioning and digital marketing strategies. It provided students with the opportunities to pitch to and work with manufacturing partners and showcase their talents to Alibaba GDT Network and Business Ecosystem.

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