Malaysia Top ACCA Prize Winner for AFM Paper

Malaysia Top ACCA Prize Winner for AFM Paper

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Accounting alumna Tung Giim Chyn added another feather to her cap when she emerged as Malaysia Top ACCA Prize Winner for Advanced Financial Management (AFM) Paper. In the recent March 2022 sitting, she bested all ACCA students in the nation by achieving the highest mark in Malaysia in the AFM paper. Her total score was 84%. She also obtained Worldwide Placing of 1(2).

Tung enthused, “I am extremely honoured to receive this award. It means a lot to me. This serves as a motivation for me to complete my remaining ACCA professional papers. My parents were my source of motivation, who kept encouraging me and kept me going. I would like to especially thank them for this.”

According to Tung, besides executing self-study, she also diligently worked on past-year papers to strengthen her understanding of the topic and train her skills in applying suitable theories for the scenarios provided in the exam paper. She also made it an appoint to utilise the resources available online.

She advised, “For those who wish to pursue the same path, I would advise you to develop a solid foundation of knowledge and skills during your degree studies and internship. As for students who are currently pursuing or planning to take up ACCA, my advice is to keep the motivation going and be consistent in your effort as hard work would eventually pay off.”

The Advanced Financial Management exam is designed to replicate the role of a senior financial executive or advisor. It prepares candidates to advise management and/or clients on complex strategic financial management issues facing an organisation.

Previously, Tung had also won first place in Malaysia and worldwide for the Advanced Audit and Assurance [AAA (INT)] Paper. For more info, click here.

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