UTAR alumnus receives financial aid under Little Rain Trust Entrepreneurial Grant Programme to pursue master's degree at Tsinghua University

UTAR Faculty of Business and Finance alumnus, Jeffrey Yu Kern Liang, is the first UTAR alumnus to receive financial aid from the Little Rain Trust Entrepreneurial Grant Programme to pursue his master’s degree at Tsinghua University, China.

This programme was set up by UTAR and the Little Rain Entrepreneurial Grant Programme for the charitable purpose of helping deserving students to pursue their master’s degrees in China. As part of the sponsorship, Jeffrey Yu was given the opportunity to carry out his Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme for a year at Tsinghua University, with his tuition fee fully covered.

Speaking about his motivations for pursuing MBA, Jeffrey Yu said, “I was a Marketing major from UTAR in 2015, and before graduating, I managed to secure a job and had the wonderful opportunity to work overseas for more than four years. However, when the pandemic struck, I started to rethink my career plan and decided to pursue an MBA at Tsinghua University, China. I was motivated to learn about the “Internet of Things” industry and ecosystem in China, and start my business someday, leveraging my experience in China.”

Jeffrey Yu noted that during his first semester at Tsinghua University, he found out about the Little Rain Trust Entrepreneurial Grant Programme through the UTAR alumni email. He mentioned that he was impressed with the programme’s aim to support future entrepreneurs who intend to further their studies in China.

Sharing his experience during the application process, Jeffrey Yu explained, “To apply as a recipient for the financial aid, I was tasked with writing a motivational essay and answering several questions, and eventually, I had to undergo several interview rounds. Not only that, when applying, it allowed the sponsor of the fund and myself to reflect on my motivations and decision to pursue my master’s degree. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the application process, especially the interviews with other entrepreneurs, as they shared their life stories and inspired me to contemplate on my entrepreneurship journey.”

Finally, Jeffrey Yu expressed his gratitude, saying, “Thanks to the Little Rain Trust, I am one step closer to my goal of becoming an entrepreneur. This financial aid has also helped to lighten my financial burden, and allowed me to fully focus on completing my studies at a stable rate while exploring entrepreneurship opportunities in China.” He added, “UTAR’s and the Little Rain Trust’s generosity has definitely inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope that one day when I have succeeded in becoming a successful entrepreneur, I will be able to help other aspiring students and entrepreneurs in achieving their goals.”

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