Best Presenter Award at ICESAT 2022

Congratulations to Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering) student Tan Wei Yang for winning the Best Presenter Award at the International Conference on Sustainable Engineering & Advanced Technology (ICSEAT 2022). The virtual conference, organised by SEGi University, took place on 16 and 17 June 2022.

Tan’s research paper was titled “Removal of Methyl Orange using Polymeric Microcapsules”. He was supervised by Ts Dr Shuit Siew Hoong, and co-supervised by Dr Steven Lim and chM Ts Dr Tee Shiau Foon.

According to Tan, this project involves synthesising trifunctional (physical adsorption, chemical degradation and magnetic responsive) microcapsules for water remediation. He explained, “Water pollution caused by the release of organic pollutants from industrialisation and urbanisation has become a persistent global problem. Although various water treatment technologies had been developed to solve water pollution problems, they still possess major drawbacks such as high operating costs, low efficiency, and the generation of secondary wastes.”

He continued, “The objective of the project is to synthesise magnetic responsive microcapsules that offer simultaneous adsorption and degradation of pollutants. Adsorption alone would encounter the generation of secondary wastes due to the discharge of spent microcapsules. Hence, the function of degradation is introduced to the microcapsules to remove the physically adsorbed pollutants completely. With the concept of simultaneous adsorption and degradation of pollutants, the microcapsules were able to achieve high reusability with a minimum of up to five cycles, which greatly reduced the problem of secondary waste generation. In addition, the magnetic responsive behaviour of the microcapsules allowed them to be recovered from the water through the application of an external magnetic field, which is a simple and fast process.”

Ts Dr Shuit added, “It was reported that millions of people face inadequate water supply due to poor sanitation and hygiene issues every year. This project is, therefore, in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 6: Clean Water and Sanitation. It is also related to the government’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP); the second theme of the Business Services sector (one of the twelve National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs)) focuses on developing opportunities in segments with high potential for future growth, exports and job creation. This project is highly related to one of the Eight Entry Point Projects (EPPs) in the Business Services sector, namely EPP 4: Jump-starting a vibrant green technology industry.”

The International Conference on Sustainable Engineering & Advanced Technology (ICSEAT 2022) aimed to provide a platform for engineers and researchers to share their experience and research findings via presentations and publications, besides providing possible solutions to the current issues faced by the industries.

The certificate received by Tan

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