LKC FES academics secured external grant from CSC Steel Sdn Bhd

Assoc Prof Ir Dr Chua Kein Huat and his team members from UTAR Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) have successfully secured an external grant worth RM33,563 from CSC Steel Sdn Bhd for their project titled "Product Quality Grading Project". The funding will be used to pay the fees for a master candidate from CSC Steel and consultancy work. 

Dr Chua, who is the chairperson of UTAR Centre for Railway Infrastructure and Engineering, is the principal investigator for the project; the team members are Dr Mohammad Babrdel Bonab, Ir Dr Danny Ng Wee Kiat, Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Computing Applications Chairperson Dr Ng Oon-Ee, and Dr Hau Lee Cheun from LKC FES.

The product quality grading system will assist the production leader or inspector to determine and react to the unacceptable defects detected. Currently, the product quality grading merely relies on human judgement; eventually, high-quality coils may be left on hold and this may lead to occupying storing capacity, or a massive downgraded loss due to non-uniform human judgement. This system will dramatically reduce the high working load and boring routine of engineers on a manual single inspection of each on holds coil.

The objectives of this project were to develop the product quality grading system to classify the product output to be on hold for further action or meet the requirement, develop a distinctive result as a reference for the operator to make a judgement, as well as to integrate into CSC Steel ERP system. CSC Steel Sdn Bhd provided the external grant for the duration of 24 months.

Moreover, Dr Chua and his team also paid a factory visit to CSC Steel in Ayer Keroh, Melaka on 29 April 2021. During the visit, they had a discussion with CSC Steel technical and management teams for potential collaboration.

Front row from Left: CSC Steel Group Managing Director Chiu Ping Tung, Dr Hau, CSC Steel Group former Managing Director Yin Shou Kang, Dr Danny Ng, and CSC Steel Group Finance Division Vice President Chen Yi Chien

Back row from left: Dr Chua, Dr Ng, CSC Steel Group Production Division Vice President Koh Kang Guan, and Lim Ming Huei from CSC Steel Group


The team meeting up with the top management of CSC Steel for potential collaboration


Factory visit to CSC Steel located in Ayer Keroh, Melaka

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