Two UTAR graduates receive KRU Masterclass Scholarship

Two UTAR Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) graduates, namely Yong Tze Hong and Sim Ai Ling, were recently awarded scholarships by Yayasan Sime Darby for completing a KRU Masterclass’s training programme. Yong and Sim each received a scholarship in the form of a Professional Certificate in Video Production & Digital Marketing with Adobe Premiere Pro Professional Certificate.

The KRU Masterclass is a professional training institution, specialising in offering programmes related to the creative industry and digital entrepreneurship. The masterclass programmes consist of a hybrid of virtual and in-person lectures; course materials which include textual, audio and visual content, and facilities and software through Production Based Training.

When asked about his reasons for joining the masterclass, Yong said, “I participated in the KRU Masterclass because it offers Video Editing as one of its courses. Nowadays, videos have become an essential part of people’s everyday lives; profession like content creator has become more relevant these days. Thus, this course sparked my interest and further helped me to step into this field.” Yong added, “I am honoured and surprised to have received this scholarship. This would be really helpful for the families under the B40 category. I would like to thank KRU for giving me the opportunity to join the KRU Masterclass.”

UTAR is proud of and would like to congratulate the two graduates for their amazing achievements.

From left: Yong, Deputy CEO of KRU Masterclass Mr. Hafeez Hashim and Sim

Yong (left) receiving his certificate from President & Group CEO KRU Dato Norman Abd Halim

Sim (left) receiving the certificate from President & Group CEO KRU Dato Norman Abd Halim

Yong and Sim received their Professional Certificate alongside the other trainees

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