Silver and Bronze medals at 4th Si2Te 2022

Silver and Bronze medals at 4th Si2Te 2022

 From left: Tan, Wong, Ng and Hui Wun

Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) students won Silver and Bronze medals when they presented their research ideas at the 4th SIRIM Invention, Innovation and Technology Expo 2022 (Si2Te 2022), held from 19 to 21 July 2022 at SIRIM Berhad, Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Kulim, Kedah.

Wong Wan Ying took home a Silver medal and a certificate under the Environmental and Renewable Energy category. Under the same category, another three students, namely Tan Wei Yang; Tan Hui Wun and Ng Wei Wuen walked away with Bronze medals and certificates. Also participating along with the students were their supervisors, namely Dr Steven Lim, Dr Pang Yean Ling, Ts Dr Shuit Siew Hoong, Ir Prof Dr Lim Yun Seng, ChM Ts Dr Tee Shiau Foon, Ir Dr Chong Woon Chan, Dr Thiam Hui San and Ir Dr Wong Jianhui, who are LKC FES academics.

Besides serving as a platform to exchange knowledge and expertise, the competition also aimed to provide networking opportunities for future expansions, establish more collaborations and introduce new and research business ideas.

Wong explained, “My research ‘Low-Cost Biomass Waste-Derived Catalysts for Glycerol-Free Biodiesel Production’ aims to transform the abundant oil palm biomass waste in Malaysia as a valuable catalyst for biodiesel production. Winning the silver medal made me glad because all my hard work paid off. Besides, I took this opportunity to challenge myself, realise my greater potential and learn to handle pressure in competitive circumstances.”

“We are creators, inventors and problem solvers. And we always find a better way. It is those better ways of doing things that will change this world. This is the future. I believe in a future where good things are made better. This motivates me and encourages passion and perseverance in my research study. This award helped to introduce my research idea and outcomes to the public. It has become a thrust that will keep pushing me forward to improve my research study or explore the relevant research area,” Wong added.

Speaking about his team’s research titled “Trifunctional Composite Microcapsule for Water Remediation, Tan Wei Yang said, “The trifunctional microcapsule with adsorptive, catalytic and magnetic properties was synthesised for the removal of anionic pollutants from water. The encapsulation of PDDA/Fe3O4 nanoparticles in the microcapsule realises the concept of simultaneous adsorption and degradation of pollutants while ensuring an easy recovery of the microcapsule through an external magnetic field.  I would like to thank the organiser for preparing this amazing platform for us. I would also like to express gratitude to UTAR and LKC FES for providing support and assistance throughout the competition.”

Tan Hui Wun said, “Phytoremediation of Zinc in Water for Biosynthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle using Hyperaccumulator Plants is the title of my research. Hyperaccumulator plants are capable of removing recalcitrant and inorganic contaminants which include heavy metals. Furthermore, being an effective catalyst in treating wastewater, the conventional chemical synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles involves highly toxic chemicals. As a result, I have proposed to come out with a solution to overcome these two issues by utilising the post-phytoremediation hyperaccumulator plants biomass to biosynthesize zinc oxide nanoparticles which could help to reduce and eliminate the usage of toxic chemicals,” he added.

“The competition provided a platform for my team to showcase our idea on the improvement of the fuel cell membrane. It also provided a chance to network with various industry leaders. It was an honour and a surprise to win the competition. We were given some kind advice on ways to improve our research project and their recognition has boosted our confidence level in continuing our research,” enthused Ng. The title of her research was “Green Synthesis of Self-Healable Proton Exchange Membrane for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells”.

Organised by SIRIM Berhad, Si2TE 2022 highlighted research results and products developed by Malaysian industry players and researchers. The three-day programme saw the participation of researchers, academics and industry, primary, secondary and higher education institute students as well as private companies.

Silver medal winner, Wong

Bronze medal winners (from left) Tan Wei Yang, Tan Hui Wun, and Ng

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