UTAR students win consolation prize at UNIEC 2022-2023

UTAR team won consolation prize at the University Entrepreneurship Challenge (UNIEC) 2022-2023. The winners were announced on 19 July 2023. UNIEC 2022 - 2023 was organised by uLearnMONEY, Max Capital Management and Money Compass Media (M)Sdn Bhd.

The winning team, known as "Decision," was composed of leader Ng Nga Hui (Faculty of Business and Finance, FBF), Assistant Leader Chong Jin Qian (FBF), members Yeoh Zhao Wei (Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science, LKC FES), Chew Yu Xuan (FBF), Lim Chiu Nie (FBF), Khoo Jye Shin (FBF) , John Song Jun Wei (Faculty of Science, FSc), Esther Lim Shi Lin (FSc) and Yong Tze Hong (LKC FES). Their exceptional efforts were guided and supervised by Mr. Lee Yoon Heng from the Faculty of Accountancy and Management (FAM). The team walked away with RM2,000 cash and certificates.

Themed ‘Navigating and Unleashing the Potentials of Young, Aspiring Entrepreneurs’, UNIEC was opened to undergraduates from selected universities and business schools. The competition unfolded across online, offline, and social media platforms, encompassing 15 weekends of activities, including workshops and competitions. Participants received guidance from business coaches and experienced advisors, who facilitated the development of the participants’ entrepreneurial skills, providing them with a taste of the real entrepreneurial journey.

UNIEC’s judging criteria encompassed various dimensions of entrepreneurship. The participants were evaluated based on their entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork. Their ability to present business models effectively, skills in website development, engagement in virtual e-Fairs, proficiency in social media marketing, and performance in offline retail activities were all scrutinised. These criteria collectively gauged participants’ entrepreneurial mindset, presentation skills, digital marketing proficiency, and their capacity to translate ideas into practical business endeavours.

UTAR extends its heartfelt congratulations to the team for their achievement and wishes them a journey filled with success in the future.

The trophy won by the team

From left: Chong, John Song and Esther Lim

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