Champion at MASA X TUASC Hackathon 2024 Grand Finals

A team of five final-year Actuarial Science students from Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) was crowned champion at the Malaysian Actuarial Student Association X Taylors University Actuarial Science Club - Hackathon 2024 (MASA X TUASC Hackathon 2024) Grand Finals. The team, named “Heng Ong Huat” consisted of Patrick Lai Tze Hoe, Lim Heng Wang, Henry Tan Tze Heng, Chin Jun Hao and Chong Ren Hao. The event took place on 1 June 2024 at the Grand Hall of Taylor's University. The team walked away with RM3,000 and certificates.

From left: LKC FES academic Mr Loh Wing Son, Chong, Patrick Lai, Lim, Henry Tan and Chin

The team’s exceptional performance in the preliminary round secured them a place in the grand finals. They outperformed 51 other teams from various universities. In the Grand Finals, their impressive presentation of a comprehensive proposal, model, and insightful scenario analyses earned them the Championship award.

Patrick Lai said, “Winning this hackathon was an incredible honour. I am deeply grateful for the support from my teammates and the wealth of information available on the Internet. This achievement motivates me to strive for excellence in my future endeavours. Thank you to everyone who believed in us. I am looking forward to the exciting journey ahead.”

Lim expressed, “The true reward of this competition is not the cash prize, but the harmony of teamwork and the crescendo of our collective learning journey.”

Henry Tan encapsulated their journey with the phrase, “With great responsibility comes great power.” He described their venture into uncharted territory as challengers, dedicating all their resources to overcoming obstacles and persevering despite numerous burdens and shortcomings. Ultimately, they gained valuable knowledge, skills, techniques, and more that shaped their experience.

Chin emphasised, “Emerging victorious required grit, innovation and teamwork of the highest calibre. We took a significant step forward, but we are even more excited about the journeys ahead. I hope our achievement inspires current and future Actuarial Science students. Don’t shy away from the unfamiliar; approach every problem with intellectual curiosity and determination. This mindset can open doors to accomplishments you may have thought impossible.”

Chong said, “With consistent and selfless support from those who believed in us, our team was equipped with the winning keys: knowledge, practical skills, intra-communication, hard work, and presentation. Together with great confidence, we firmly believed that we would win the competition.”

The team’s success not only highlights their individual talents but also reflects the quality of education and training provided by LKC FES. This achievement is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and the strong collaborative spirit they demonstrated throughout the competition.

E-certificates received by the students

MASA X TUASC Hackathon 2024

The MASA X TUASC Hackathon 2024, organised by the Malaysian Actuarial Student Association (MASA) and Taylor's University Actuarial Science Club (TUASC), tasked participants with creating a business proposal from a provided dataset. This required them to utilise programming and data analysis skills. The primary goal of the competition was to motivate students to apply their actuarial expertise and analytical abilities to address real-world issues and challenges in risk assessment using R programming.

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