UTAR signs MoU with IMM

Universiti  Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the  Institute of Materials, Malaysia (IMM) during IMM's 22nd General  Meeting on 30 March 2012 at Kelana Jaya. Signing on behalf of both parties were  UTAR Vice President (Student Development and Alumni Relations) Associate Prof Dr.  Teh Chee Seng and IMM President Prof Dr Mohamed Kamal Harun.

The MoU was signed for the establishment of  UTAR-IMM Materials Student Chapter, which will be parked under UTAR Engineering  Society.

Under the MoU, IMM would bring in industry experts,  researchers and government organisations to hold materials technology seminar  and conferences, and career talks in UTAR. Furthermore, IMM would also facilitate  technical visits to materials technology-related industries and source for  industrial training placement for UTAR students.

The MoU enables UTAR Materials and Manufacturing  Engineering students to become members of the UTAR-IMM Materials Student Chapter  without any membership fee. Furthermore, they will also be given the  opportunity to publish articles in the IMM Newsletter, which is distributed to  IMM members and industry.   

UTAR, on the other hand, will encourage its staff  and students to actively participate in the activities of IMM and the student  chapter, and also offer its premises and facilities for the activities of the student  chapter.

"I hope that with the cooperation and support from  IMM, UTAR will produce a significant number of graduates specialised in materials  science, technology, and engineering, who will contribute positively to the  country's economy", said Dr Teh. 

Also present at the event were [former] IMM  President  Dato' Dr Ong Eng Long  (2008-2012), IMM Deputy President Prof Dr Che Husna Azhari, UTAR Acting Dean of  Faculty of Engineering and Science (FES) Dr Goi Bok Min, and UTAR Deputy Dean  of FES (Student Development and Industrial Training) Dr Lai Soon Onn.

Exchange of documents (from  left): Dr Lai, Dr Teh, Prof Kamal, and Prof Husna

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