French n+i programme

Three French delegates, Prof Laurent Bigué from Université de Haute-Alsace, Assoc Prof Michel Doisy from Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse and  Cécile Soldati, Head of International Development of EIGSI La Rochelle Engineering School  visited UTAR Faculty of Engineering and Science at Kuala Lumpur Campus on 6 November 2012.

The two deputy deans, Dr Lai Soon Onn (Student Development and Industrial Training), Dr Than Cheok Fah (Academic Development and Undergraduate Programmes) and Asst Prof Dr Yong Thian Khok of the faculty were on hand to receive the French visitors.

"I'm impressed with the achievements and growth of this university.  Within 10 years after establishment you have attained such remarkable success," said Soldati after watching UTAR's corporate video presentation.  She added that they were keen to collaborate with UTAR.

The main purpose of the French delegates' visit was to introduce their 'n+i' or 'national-and-international' postgraduate programme to the faculty.  The n+i programme is a unique initiative involving more than 70 engineering institutes in France.  It aims at training engineers competent to work in international projects in a multilingual and multicultural environment.

The visit ended with a campus tour.  Later the faculty made announcements to the students about the French n+i programme. 


Hosts and visitors (from left): Dr Lai, Soldati, Prof Bigué, Doisy and Dr Yong

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