Cleanliness Campaign

UTAR Department of Student Affairs (DSA) successfully organized a gotong-royong activity for students and staff under the UTAR Sungai Long Campus Cleanliness Campaign on 11 July 2015.

The event involved 16 Buddhist Society members, nine non-members who are students, and four lecturers, namely Faculty of Accountancy and Management Assistant Professor Tuam Kwok Choon, Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science Deputy Dean Dr Lai Soon Onn, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Assistant Professor Dr Kartheek Balapala Ranganayakulu, and Centre for Foundation Studies Lecturer B A Jesica Malani a/p B A Sugathapala.

The activity began around 8.00 am with stretching exercises and a simple briefing at the South Lobby main entrance. The participants were divided into four teams. During their endeavor, the teams cleared many fallen tree branches, broken glass and rubbish that have accumulated outside and surrounding the campus grounds. It was not easy but the teams persevered. Though it only involved a small group of people, the gotong-royong activity successfully cleaned up the areas surrounding the campus KA and KB Block, and removed all the illegal advertisements on trees and street lamps. 

The activity came to a close after three hours. Refreshments were given during a sharing session, where it was agreed that this event should be repeated regularly to maintain the cleanliness of the community and for healthier living. It was also encouraging to see our studentsí willingness to participate in the clean-up, this being indicative of high principles in carrying out their social responsibility for the community they live in.

Participants of UTAR Campus Cleanliness Campaign

Stretching exercises before the gotong-royong

Dr Lai taking down illegal advertisements

 Students and Dr Lai picking up rubbish

Gathering rubbish into a pile

Rubbish gathered in one place

Jesica Malani contributing her effort

 The area outside KA Block before the clean-up

The same view after the clean-up

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