SRC handover ceremony

New Student Representative Council (SRC) duties were once again officially passed down from outgoing SRC members of 2015/2016 to members of 2016/2017 during a handover ceremony on 30 June 2016 at Kampar Campus.

The ceremony, organised by the Department of Student Affairs (DSA), was held to welcome the new sworn in members of both Kampar Campus and Sungai Long Campus, and also to give recognition and appreciation to outgoing members of 2015/2016.

Present to witness the ceremony were UTAR President Ir Prof Academician Dato’ Dr Chuah Hean Teik, Acting Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relations Prof Dr Choong Chee Keong, Institute of Chinese Studies Dean Dr Chong Siou Wei, Faculty of Business and Finance Dean Dr Au Yong Hui Nee, Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology Deputy Dean for Student Development and Industrial Training Dr Tan Kok Tat, Centre for Foundation Studies Kampar Campus Director Tan Lee Siew, Department of Student Affairs Kampar Campus Head Chiang Jeng Fong, and Department of Student Affairs Sungai Long Campus Head Loh Nyuk Leung, along with 68 SRC members of 2015/2016 and 2016/2017.

Thanking the outgoing members for their past effort and dedication, Prof Chuah also congratulated the incoming members by offering pieces of advice during his speech. They included time management, teamwork, community engagement and others which are crucial aspects to the personal and intellectual growth of the new SRC members, as well as the vitality of UTAR’s vibrant student community.

“Being an SRC member is challenging as you need to juggle your studies and duties, but it also allows you to learn how to manage your time wisely,” said Prof Chuah, who also reminded them on the importance of working collectively as a team and that the SRC will be a platform to groom them into becoming future leaders.

To complement UTAR’s initiatives in community engagement projects, Prof Chuah encouraged the SRC members to help propagate good practices mooted by the University management and to promote meaningful campaigns aimed at helping the students and the university community. Prof Chuah also shared examples such as the promotion of green campus concept through SRC, whereby students are encouraged to go green by cycling or walking to the university, as a way to help reduce carbon emission. Health and safety campaigns were also among the highlighted suggestions for the SRC members.

Prof Chuah delivering his speech

SRC Kampar Chairperson of 2015/2016 Choong En Di also spoke on his experiences and mentioned that SRC members should bear in mind SRC’s role in bridging the gap between students and the university management. He offered his gratitude to the lecturers and DSA officers in charge for their patience and guidance that have led to the success of SRC in various activities.

Throughout his tenure as a chairperson, Choong discovered the importance of interpersonal communication and networking which are crucial for tasks to be carried out swiftly and effectively. “Learning interpersonal communication in my study and applying it in my duties have certainly showed me how helpful and important it is for leadership,” shared the final year Psychology student.

Concurring with Choong, Sungai Long SRC Chairperson of 2015/2016 Chai Yong Se Nian also advised the newly elected SRC members to always be supportive of their teammates. “As a team, you must show your unity and strength in walking through tough times together. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, which, at times, may be difficult to reach an agreement. However, it is through the process that we discover our strengths and weaknesses, then learn to improve ourselves by putting aside the differences and achieve a common goal together,” said the Chemical Engineering student.

Outgoing SRC chairpersons Choong (left) and Chai (right) delivering their speeches

The outgoing SRC members were then awarded with certificates of appreciation, followed by the handover ceremony and a group photograph session.

Prof Choong (centre in red tie) posing with outgoing Kampar SRC members of 2015/2016 after presenting the appreciation certificate

Prof Chuah (centre) posing with outgoing Sungai Long SRC members of 2015/2016 after presenting the appreciation certificate

From left: Newly elected SRC chairpersons Ng Zi Kent and Liew Siong Hian, Prof Chuah, Prof Choong, Choong and Chai

Sungai Long SRC 2016/2017 :

Chairperson: Ng Zi Kent, Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

Vice Chairperson: Loh Kin Huat, Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechatronics Engineering

Secretary: Derrick Sue Zi Xian, Bachelor of Accounting (Hons)

Treasurer: See Boon Hui, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Quantity Surveying

Auditor: Mansour Ayman Alawi, Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Biomedical Engineering

Campus Wide Representatives: Ng Rui Ying, Bachelor of Accounting (Hons)

                                                       Wong King Xuan, Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Chemical

                                                       Yap Yuan Ping, Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechatronics

                                                       Andrik Nge Hau Shuen, Bachelor of International Business (Hons)

                                                       Choo Kuen Cheng, Bachelor of International Business (Hons)

Faculty Representatives:

Faculty of Accountancy and Management: Yap Rong Hui, Bachelor of International Business (Hons)

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences: Chan Hann-Tarng, Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (Hons)

Faculty of Creative Industries: Daniel Lee Kuan Cheng, Bachelor of Media and Creative Studies (Hons)

Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science: Lim Yiren, Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering

International Representative: Juliah Nicole Dacles Sayco, Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Civil Engineering


Kampar SRC 2016/2017:

Chairperson: Liew Siong Hian, Bachelor of Marketing (Hons)

Vice Chairperson: Ting Xin Then, Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

Secretary: Pang Siau Jun, Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting

Treasurer: Chang Mei Chee, Bachelor of Finance (Hons)

Auditors: Ng Kai Wei, Bachelor Business Administration (Hons) Banking and Finance, and Neoh Chee Hong, Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Public Relations

Campus Wide Representatives: Tan Wei Jia, Bachelor of Finance (Hons)

                                                       Tan Yu Jun, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Chinese Studies

                                                       Kho Jiat Suan, Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Public Relations

                                                       Wong Xue Er, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Chinese Studies

                                                       Tan Xin Yi, Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Advertising

Faculty Representatives:

Faculty of Arts and Social Science: Wu Kai Wen, Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Public Relations

Faculty of Business and Finance: Ng Zhi Zhong, Bachelor of Economics (Hons) Financial Economics

Faculty of Science: Ang Teck Chee, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Food Science

Institute of Chinese Studies: Yong Kian Fai, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Chinese Studies

International Representative: Yusra Nasser Ahmed Al Hamed, Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) Psychology

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