How to succeed in IT

Yong sharing her experiences

SYNDES Technologies Founder Jen Yong held a talk titled “How to design a successful IT career with mobility approach” at Sungai Long Campus on 7 February 2017. She shared some wisdom and advice for aspiring tech entrepreneurs.

“Your business must benefit or solve problems faced by today’s society. Going through a few years of employment in the industry that you’d like to venture into is the best way to gain knowledge about the industry and network with the right people. Constantly observe and inquire, and from that work out a suitable business plan for yourself,” she urged.

“The early stages of starting a new business are difficult, and act as a test of an individual’s determination and will,” said Yong. She urged them to plan ahead, and have patience before making the big leap.

Yong (centre) wih DCC Head Ching Yen Choong (second from left), LKC FES
Head of Programme (Master of Information Systems) Dr Wong Whee Yen (far right) and the audience

She closed the session by encouraging students to look beyond their current scope, to learn about the wider world, and understand their strengths and weaknesses. She emphasised to those who will be joining the workforce to focus on establishing themselves professionally and to be open to learning from others.

“Everything in life is possible and you should take on any opportunities available by both working hard and smart,” she concluded.

SYNDES Technologies was founded by Yong in 2009. Under her leadership, SYNDES has worked with numerous organisations such as Berjaya Corporation, Sony Malaysia, Mary Kay, and CMA-GCM Group amongst others. Recently, SYNDES was awarded the SME & Entrepreneurship Business Award 2017 in Enterprise Mobility.

This talk was jointly organised by the Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) and the Department of Consultancy and Commercialisation (DCC).


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