Talk on future professional services

Prof Kashiwagi

In collaboration with Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science’s (LKC FES) Department of Surveying, Centre for Extension Education (CEE) organised a talk titled “The Future of Professional Services in the Age of Automation” at Sungai Long Campus on 11 November 2017.

Participants listening attentively to the talk

The speaker invited to deliver the talk was Prof Kashiwagi, a renowned expert in best value research. At the talk, he spoke about the rapid change of the environment and guided the participants to look into the future. He said, “Anything that can be automated or done by information system will be done.”

Prof Kashiwagi explained that it is important to be able to differentiate the experts and non-experts, yet an expert should be a good observer who is able to simplify things. “Expert actually can see into the future. They can make things simple as well as minimise the need for thinking and decision making to understand the cause and effect of reality. When things tend to be simple, the cost will automatically go down and the performance will go up.”

He also explained that the natural laws govern the reality and the change of conditions over time. “Understanding the natural laws can minimise the need for information to understand the unique conditions, and the unique final conditions are set at the beginning of conditions,” said Prof Kashiwagi, “Everything happens just in one way.” According to him, the participants can apply the natural laws to simplify their lives so that they can enjoy a better life with less stress and worry.

The talk ended with a souvenir presentation by Department of Surveying Head Dr Chia Fah Choy to Prof Kashiwagi as a token of appreciation, followed by a group photography session.

Dr Chia (left) presenting a token of appreciation to Prof Kashiwagi

Prof Kashiwagi is the author and creator of the Best Value Approach (BVA). The BVA technology is the most licensed technology developed at Arizona State University in the last 25 years. The BVA has been highly successful in the United State, Canada, Netherlands and Norway. Prof Kashiwagi’s latest book “How to Know Almost Everything without Knowing Anything” teaches professionals how to automate their professional services. He is an engaging speaker and expert in increasing the value of professionals. 

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