Jusfoun Big Data Train-The-Trainer Workshop

Group photo of the trainers with the participants after the last workshop

Following the signing of the tripartite cooperation agreement by UTAR, Jusfoun Big Data Co (Jusfoun, 九次方大数据) and Malaysia Big Data Platform Sdn Bhd, a big data train-the-trainer workshop was held at the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (FICT), UTAR Kampar Campus from 12 to 17 October 2017.

Attended by academics from different faculties, namely FICT, Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science, Faculty of Business and Finance, Faculty of Accountancy and Management, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology, and Faculty of Science, the six-day workshop was mooted by FICT Dean Assoc Prof Dr Liew Soung Yue who believed it will deepen UTAR academics’ knowledge and practical ability in Applied Big Data.

“We wish to understand how Jusfoun collects and processes data in different fields in order to build Big Data modeling in different industrial domain. This will allow us to learn how to build a Big Data model complementing Malaysia’s context which can even be extended to other parts of Southeast Asia and Asia in the future. We hope that by learning from the angle of Big Data application, we are able to conduct more studies on this aspect, further supporting the basics of the applied Big Data theories and practices,” explained Dr Liew, who also expressed his that the workshop will lay a solid foundation for the future collaborations by UTAR, Jusfoun and BD system.

Present at the workshop as facilitators were Jusfoun’s Big Data Scientists Dr Qu Likai, who is also a Cloud Computing expert, Hu Bowen, and Liu Junjing from who mentored the participants throughout the workshop in areas ranging from basic application to the different fields such as smart city, agriculture, finance, travel and media.

Describing the workshop as eye-opening and interesting, FBF lecturer Liew Feng Mei said, “I like the part which we learnt about data filtering and data processing. The flow from data collection, filtering, analysis and business application provide me an alternative method of conducting research.

Echoing Liew’s sentiment was Dr Wong Chee Woon from LKC FES who found the intensive workshop’s lessons on data analytics, deep learning and optimization an added bonus to his skill-sets. “These skills can be used in my research and therefore, I would highly encourage my colleagues to also learn about Big Data as it is applicable in any fields,” said Dr Wong. 

Dr Qu Likai conducting the workshop

Liu Junjing covering areas on Big Data application in the areas of agriculture and others

Hu Bowen sharing his Big Data knowledge

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