National Mathematics Competition

Some of 13th NMC winners posing with their prizes

Mathematics enthusiasts put their mind and skills to test in the 13th National Mathematics Competition (13th NMC), held at Sungai Long Campus on 28 July 2018.

The competition was sponsored by the Silverlake Group, Public Bank Bhd and Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association. More than 150 students from 35 different local and international schools, colleges and universities competed to win the cash prize totalling RM7,200.

The competition was divided into three categories, namely “Theory of Everything”, “Maths Running” and “The Mathketeers”. “Theory of Everything” was a computer-based quiz that challenged the mind with questions that covered all aspects of mathematics. The “Math Running” triggered an adrenaline rush as it required the participants to race against time to complete the quiz with the most correct answers. Resonating with its name, “The Mathketeers” required a group of three individuals to solve questions that pose different degrees of difficulty. The twist in the game was one group member will have to leave the competition hall every 20 minutes.

Participants and helpers getting ready for “Theory of Everything”

Participants in “The Mathketeers” listening to the final briefing

While the fun and challenges were proven worthy to the participants, 13th NMC Chairperson Wong Boon Khew said the competition served a bigger purpose in bringing the subject mathematics, as a part of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), under positive lights, especially to the younger generations, “Mathematics is the key to a good education that promotes logical and mathematical thinking skills. Mathematics is often deemed as difficult, complicated and confusing. We want to show that mathematics is rewarding. The development of mathematical literacy is one of the key areas that our country has to work on to give us a competitive edge in the world economics.”

Quoting World Economic Forum (WEF), Wong said that 65% of children in the current primary schools will secure jobs that are yet to exist and will be in STEM-related fields. Therefore, this competition also acts as a stepping stone towards scrapping off negative perspectives, particularly of the younger generations towards mathematics and prove that mathematics is indeed conquerable.

While waiting for the competition, participants and guests spent time at mind-challenging game booths prepared by the committee

Dean of Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) Prof Ir Dr Goi Bok Min said in his speech, “According to the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025, our Ministry of Education focuses on increasing opportunities for young Malaysians for activities and talents especially in STEM. In highly competitive and complex Fourth Industrial Revolution era, we need to equip our students with a powerful set of tools including logical reasoning, problem-solving and the ability to think in a complex way. In UTAR curriculum, mathematics subjects aim not only to provide students with knowledge but also equip them with the necessary skills to face the knowledge-based society. Therefore, this event is meant to showcase the talent of our youths rather than only recognising the winners.”

He also thanked the sponsors, namely Silverlake Group, Public Bank Berhad and MARGMA for their overwhelming contribution, support and faith in the students for organising 13th NMC.

At the end of the competition, the anticipated results were announced and prizes were given away. The results of the competition are as below:

Category: A: Theory of Everything

Category: B: Math Running

Category: C: The Mathketeers

LKC FES Head of Master of Mathematics Programme Dr Wong Voon Hee (far left) with the winners of “Theory of Everything”: Chong Yi Kye (fifth from left), Takeda Shigenori (third from right), Khor Khai Shyen (second from left) and consolation prize winners

LKC FES Head of Mathematical and Actuarial Sciences Department Dr Chang Yun Fah (far left) with the winners of “Running Math”: Wong Kar Fai (fourth from right), Tan Yan Xin (far right), Dawson Tan Soon Wei (second from left) and consolation prize winners

Public Bank Branch Manager Lee Kiew Eng (far left) with the winners of “The Musketeers”

Chong Yi Kye also garnered the special Ironmath Award for winning the champion in Category A, consolation prize in Category B and champion again for Category C. Currently, he is an undergraduate student taking up Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, UK. He was here (Malaysia) for his summer break and he had initially planned to leave in June 2018. However, after knowing that the competition is held at the end of July, he decided to postpone his trip back to UK.

“I am an undergraduate student in mathematics but since it has been a while participating in Olympiad Mathematics, I did my study last week. The prizes I won will help to lighten the burden of my living cost in UK,” said Chong, who also won the top three in Category A and the champion team for Category C in the 10th NMC back in 2015. 

Chong holding up his “IronMath Award” trophy

13th NMC 2018 committee and helpers

Photos sourced by 13th National Mathematics Competition 2018 Editorial Department.


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