Go As One Merdeka Carnival 2.0

In conjunction with the Merdeka Day 2018 celebration, the Department of Student Affairs (DSA) of Sungai Long Campus collaborated with academic Faculties, Clubs and Societies to organise the “Go As One Merdeka Carnival 2.0” at Sungai Long Campus from 3 August 2018 to 4 August 2018. The carnival was sponsored by FP Avante Sdn Bhd, Unicom Event Marketing Sdn Bhd, Seven Pounds Creative Sdn Bhd, Foodland Resources Sdn Bhd, Sevenactiv Sdn Bhd, Yites Event Management Sdn Bhd and Cotra Sdn Bhd.

From left: Dr Te, Loh, Prof Goi, Prof Chuah, Prof Choong, Melissa and Dr David Tneh

Invited to launch the opening ceremony were UTAR President Ir Prof Academician Dato’ Dr Chuah Hean Teik, Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relations Prof Dr Choong Chee Keong, Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) Dean Prof Ir Dr Goi Bok Min, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) Head of Department for Chinese Medicine-cum-Centre for Research in Traditional Chinese Medicine Chairperson Dr Te Kian Keong, Faculty of Creative Industries (FCI) Dean Dr David Tneh Cheng Eng, Sungai Long Campus’ Centre for Foundation Studies Director Melissa Stefanie Netto and Go as One Merdeka Carnival 2.0 Organising Chairperson Loh Nyuk Leung.

The carnival kick-started with a captivating performance, presented by the UTAR Choir Unit, titled “Sejahtera Malaysia”. It was followed by a cultural dance performance by the representatives of the National Department for Culture and Arts from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, exercise regime of traditional Chinese medicine Tui-na by Chinese Medicine students and finally a Diabolo performance by the Chinese Language Society.

UTAR Choir Unit performing “Sejahtera Malaysia”

Cultural dance performance by National Department for Culture and Arts, Ministry of Tourism and Culture

Chinese Medicine students performing the exercise regime

Diabolo performance by Chinese Language Society

Four talks were conducted during the carnival by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physicians from Guangxi, China to share their knowledge and advice related to health matters. Ruikang Hospital Affiliated to Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine Chief Physician Dr Liu Jianhang gave a talk on “Daily Posture and Health”; The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine Chief Physician Prof Wei Lijun gave a talk on “Prevention and Treatment of Common Gynaecological Diseases”; Pre-clinical School of Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine Prof Yang Liqiang gave a talk titled “On Physical Fitness and Health”; and RenAi Branch of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine Prof Xu Minghui gave a talk titled “24 Solar Terms and Health”. 

Left picture: Dr Liu giving a talk on “Daily Posture and Health” and Prof Wei (right picture) giving a talk on “Prevention and Treatment of Common Gynaecological Diseases”

Left picture: Prof Yang giving a talk on “On Physical Fitness and Health” and Prof Xu (right picture) giving a talk on “24 Solar Terms and Health”

During the talk, Dr Liu shared how our common postures such as driving and sleeping can affect our spine and health. He also shared how to prevent posture damage. Prof Wei explained to the participants about Gynaecological diseases, the types of Gynaecological diseases and how to prevent Gynaecological diseases. As for Prof Yang, he explained the characteristics of the physical body and the concerns regarding food consumption for each type of body. Lastly, Prof Xu shared 24 solar terms related to health to the participants. He also elucidated the mystery of life and the importance of moral health.

Participants of the Merdeka Unity Run 2018 Trekathon

Another activity called the Merdeka Unity Run 2018 Trekathon was organised by the DSA. The participants who took part in the run were able to redeem a T-shirt and Drawstring bag by apparel partner Ultron besides receiving free Milo drinks. Certificates of participation and medals were given out to the participants as a token of appreciation.

An architectural model done by students

The carnival also saw station games, consisting of both modern and traditional games, organised to bring fun and laughter to the people. The participants had the chance to play traditional games like Congkak, Snake and Ladder and Dam Haji. They were also entitled to redeem a gift once they have collected all the stamps from the game stations. 

 Participants trying their hands on different games

In collaboration with the FCI, a showcase called “MyCreative Art” were also organised. The showcase was divided into three parts, namely “Art and Design Exhibition” which aimed to showcase the masterpiece artworks of Graphic Design and Multimedia staff and students, created with various media and technique; “MyCreative Art Workshops” which included Flipbook Workshop, Anamorphic Drawing Workshop and Studio Photography Workshop; and “Early Childhood Booths and Activities” which was organised to benefit children in terms of their personal development and enhance family relationship. The activities included T-shirt printing, Natural Art Competition, Happy Cooking- “Flower in the Pot” session and early childhood booths consisting of play dough, stone art, messy play and some DIY music instruments for the children and parents to play.   

MyCreative Art and Design staff exhibition

MyCreative Art and Design student exhibition

Some DIY music instruments for the children and parents to play

A child making her own “Flower in the Pot”

Parents and children at the “Early Childhood Booths and Activities”

Another zone in the carnival was the Health and Wellness Zone. It was jointly organised by the Centre for Research in Traditional Chinese Medicine to promote a healthy lifestyle in the community. Some of the popular highlights in this zone were Tui-na, acupuncture and internal medicine. Skin analysis and Chinese Medicine Cosmetology were introduced to the community as well. Chinese Medicine Cosmetology is used to improve skin condition, beautify and whiten skin, reduce wrinkles, improve moisture and nutrition to enhance the growth of new cells and strengthen skin firmness. Besides, a Physiotherapy Therapeutic Massage was introduced to the community to help them relax their muscles and decrease their stress. The Merdeka Unity Run runners were given a discount rate to enjoy the massage.

TCM student offering massage to one of the participants

Bulan Patriotisme Exhibition 2018 was jointly organised by the Department of General Studies. It was titled “Legends, Superstitions and Traditions: Our Diverse Heritage”. The exhibition aimed to share and celebrate vast, interesting information with regards to our local traditions, legends, mythologies and belief systems, all that make us unique and one as Malaysians. By recognising the importance of the continuity of these beliefs and practices to the identity of Malaysians, this exhibition also aimed to instil a sense of appreciation, pride and respect among students, staff and the general public in Malaysia.

Some of the posters that display our local beliefs, practices and folklore

Some of the drawings drawn by Game Design and Animation lecturer Aloysius Yapp

Furthermore, the kindergarten and primary school children were given the chance to participate in their favourite Colouring and Story-Telling competition. It was themed “Sayangi Malaysiaku”. The colouring contest was divided into two categories; group A for children aged four to six years old and group B for children aged seven to nine years old. The Story-Telling competition was opened for children aged 10 to 12 years old.  

Colouring contest winners’ artwork from category A and B

The participants also had the opportunity to treat themselves to various food such as cakes, fish balls, chicken popcorn, shaved ice and egg tarts, to name a few, in the Food and Beverages Zone.

Students selling food and beverages during the carnival 

Phoebe Chum (left) and Claudia Chum Jie Leng at the carnival

“I am here today because I knew UTAR was organising this carnival. I simply wanted to extend my business to the juniors. I had this idea of selling DIY accessories after working in an event agency,” said UTAR alumna Phoebe Chum Jie Ying.   

Some information booths for course enquiries 


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