Visit by JSUT

Prof Ewe (left) presenting a token of appreciation to Prof Dong

Delegates from Jiangsu University of Technology, China (JSUT) visited Sungai Long Campus on 4 July 2018. During the visit, a discussion was held between both parties to consider areas of collaboration.

The delegates from JSUT were its Vice President Prof Dong Cuntian, Office of Academic Affairs Dean Lei Weining, Discipline Construction-cum-Postgraduate Department Dean Zhang Jianbin, Professor of Mathematics Zhou Youming, School of Mechanical Engineering Vice Dean Wang Zhenwei and International Cooperation and Exchange Office Vice Director Yu Qinmei. They were accompanied by GTEX Asia Sdn Bhd Business Development Manager Brandon Tan.

Welcoming the delegates on behalf of UTAR were Vice President for Internationalisation and Academic Development Prof Ir Dr Ewe Hong Tat, Division of Programme Promotion (DPP) Director Lee Choy Fong, Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) Deputy Dean for Student Development and Industrial Training Dr Lim Jee Hock, LKC FES Head of Programme for Master of Engineering (Mechanical) Dr Yeo Wei Hong, LKC FES Head of Mechanical and Material Engineering Department Prof Ir Dr Rajkumar Durairaj, DPP Deputy Director for International Student Recruitment and Business Development Irene Wong Hong Lei, Institute of Postgraduate Studies and Research Manager Chen Set Fong and Centre for Extension Education Assistant Manager Mohanaselvi Panicker. 

Also joining from Kampar Campus via video conference were Division of Community and International Networking Deputy Director Dr Chen I-Chin and Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology Deputy Dean for R&D and Postgraduate Programmes Dr Lo Po Kim.

The visit aimed to further explore the structures and programmes that both universities offer the students, through video presentations. It also aimed to discuss possible cooperation in the future in terms of student exchange, training for lecturers and scientific research, to name a few.

Prof Ewe (middle) and the delegates from JSUT (right side) with UTAR representatives (left side) during the video conference with Kampar Campus

Prof Ewe (middle) and Prof Dong (most left) during the discussion

Prof Ewe welcomed the delegates and said, “Through today’s meeting, we can expect further collaboration with JSUT in terms of student exchange and industrial training. Changzhou is a beautiful city and I believe our students will be interested to pay a visit either through study groups or student exchange programmes.” He then continued, “Besides, we can actually collaborate with JSUT in terms of engineering and mechanical engineering programmes especially on the railway aspect. We have a research centre called the Centre for Railway Infrastructure and Engineering. Furthermore, we can also focus on teaching through the use of Internet. Also, I believe there should be no problem in terms of the language, especially Mandarin since it is widely used in Malaysia.”

Meanwhile, Prof Dong also expressed his gratitude to Prof Ewe for inviting them to visit UTAR. Agreeing with Prof Ewe, he said, “This visit is indeed a good chance for us to get to know each other and to further discuss on our collaborations. As mentioned by Prof Ewe earlier, I wish to organise a two-week study tour during their school break. Besides, we are looking forward to staff collaboration in terms of conducting research together and also in the aspect of one belt, one road initiative.”

Dr Lim said, “Since the programmes offered by UTAR and JSUT are almost similar, we can actually do research in those areas that are imbricated.”

The discussion came to an end after the presentation of the token of appreciation and a photograph session.

JSUT was founded in 1984 and it is situated in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. JSUT is a provincial university and it focuses on engineering programmes. Besides, it is also in pursuit of a coordinated development in other academic disciplines, covering humanities, science, economics, management, education and law.  In 2008, JSUT was rated “Excellent” in the evaluation of undergraduate programmes organised by the Ministry of Education. In the year 2012, JSUT was approved to enrol students for Masters’ Degrees.  The university now has 21 teaching faculties, providing 56 undergraduate specialities and orientations under eight academic disciplines. 

Prof Dong (right) presenting a token of appreciation to Prof Ewe

From left: Irene Wong, Lee, Dr Yeo, Prof Rajkumar, Dr Lim, Prof Ewe, Prof Dong, Dean Lei, Dean Zhang, Zhou, Vice Director Yu, Vice Dean Wang and Brandon Tan 


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