Flea Market 5.0

The Department of Consultancy and Commercialisation (DCC) organised UTAR flea market for the fifth time from 7 to 9 March 2018 at Sungai Long Campus. The objective of the flea market was to encourage both the public and the students’ participation to venture into the field of entrepreneurship and to learn the tricks and tips of starting a business. This event further adds value to the existing curriculum by including the practical aspect.

Various products were sold at the flea market such as cosmetics and skincare products, organic baby products, frozen seafood, home deal products, handmade crafts, apparels and accessories, food and beverages, electronic gadgets and accessories. The three-day event also saw a makeup workshop conducted for the buyers and seafood preparation demonstration.

Furthermore, students from the Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Sciences (LKC FES) were given the opportunity to sell various products on behalf of the product distributors, which created a platform for them to be exposed to the elements of entrepreneurship such as marketing and management.

Frozen seafood sampling by LKC FES students

Various home deal products on sale

Electronic gadgets and accessories booth 

Handmade crafts booth

Local condiments booth 

Accessories booth 

Food and beverage booth

Apparel and accessories booth


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