Bridging ICT skills gap through HAINA

Oliver Liu (second from right) presenting the HAINA Plaque to Prof Chuah while Prof Faidz (far left) and Shengnaiting look on

UTAR and Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Huawei) joined force to collaborate on a programme called Huawei Authorized Information and Network Academy (HAINA). Huawei presented the HAINA Plaque to UTAR during the “HAINA Plaque Award Presentation Ceremony” on 5 November 2018 at Sungai Long Campus.

The HAINA programme will enable the academics from UTAR to become a certified trainer who will train the students to move along with the trends of the ICT industry which include the knowledge of “New ICT Technologies” as well as its challenges and opportunities in order to become the leading future leaders of ICT. The programme will also enable them to attain the globally recognised industry certifications such as HCNA/P-R&S, HCNA/P-WLAN, HCNA/P-Security, HCNA/P-Storage and HCNA/P-Cloud Computing.

The HAINA Plaque was presented by Malaysia Enterprise Business Group Vice President Oliver Liu Junfeng to UTAR President Ir Prof Academician Dato’ Dr Chuah Hean Teik. It was witnessed by UTAR Vice President for R&D and Commercialisation Prof Ts Dr Faidz bin Abd Rahman and Malaysia Enterprise Business Group Service Director Shengnaiting.

Also present at the ceremony were UTAR LKC FES Dean Prof Ir Dr Goi Bok Min, Huawei Senior Service Solution Manager Bryant Oo, Marketing Manager Yoo Eng Hong, Channel Service Manager Astee Chan, Project Manager Xiao Liang, Engineer Cheng Soon Wai, UTAR staff and students.

Prof Chuah welcoming the representatives from Huawei

In his remark, Prof Chuah welcomed the representatives from Huawei and said, “On 19 July 2011, Huawei sponsored and presented the prestigious MSC Malaysia Huawei Scholastic Awards to three UTAR graduates for their outstanding achievements. Upon witnessing the positive attributes of UTAR alumni at work in the year of 2015, Huawei has comeback to look for more potential graduating students subsequently. UTAR students are employed because of their multilingual, multicultural and multireligious background; I call this cultural intelligence. To enter into a global market, technical knowledge, cultural and social intelligent are equally important.

He then continued, “I hope we would continue to work closely with Huawei to look out for new technology. The University wishes to provide a strong foundation for its students and work closely with industries like Huawei. I hope this collaboration will bring a win-win situation for UTAR and Huawei.” Meanwhile, he also encouraged the students to participate in the “Technology Update and ICT Competition” which took place on the same day.

Oliver Liu talking about the ICT

Oliver Liu agreed with Prof Chuah and said, “Nowadays, technology is changing rapidly. To support the digital transformation, Huawei is actually building a new ICT system which would lead investors to become a great solution provider. HAINA aimed to support the institution and provide its students with the opportunity to obtain fast growth in the ever-changing world of ICT.”

He then continued, “Our mission is to close the ICT skills gap by encouraging young people to involve more in the area of ICT. We hope to achieve this goal by collaborating with our academic partners and develop ICT talent ecosystem continuously. I believe, through this collaboration with UTAR, we will achieve great success together. As Prof Chuah mentioned, multilingualism serves as a great advantage to Malaysians. Also, I found that Malaysian workers are very competitive in the industries. They are very hardworking and I truly respect that. This is what Huawei is looking for.”

Bryant Oo giving a brief introduction on Huawei and ICT Academy Competition 2018-2019

The ceremony also saw Bryant Oo giving a brief introduction about Huawei and ICT Academy Competition 2018-2019. “Huawei’s mission is to bring digital to every person, home and organisation for a fully connected, intelligent world. Currently, Huawei is ranked 72 in the Fortune Global 500. Huawei, being an international and multinational company, creates international opportunity for all the students. We need new blood who are dedicated and hardworking to join us. Huawei loves Malaysian students because of their cultural and social intelligence. Hence, we need people who are multilingual. Many of the employees in Huawei graduated from UTAR, TAR UC, Multimedia University and other local universities,” said Bryant Oo.

He then continued, “Huawei did not only come to Malaysia to make money but to also contribute to Malaysia’s economy. We worked with our local partners and distributed locally to sell our enterprise product. Basically, we are a comprehensive solution provider to the enterprise business.”

“We have a series of competition for the students. The objective of the competition is to build sustainable talents in Malaysia besides building a good ecosystem. This is the time for you if you want to be the world champion. In the competition, we will focus on networking technologies. We will test your knowledge on networking product and technologies. Obtaining a Huawei Certified Network Associate (HCNA) through Huawei ICT Academy Programme will help you to stand out among your competitors when you apply for a job,” said Bryant Oo.

The Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) and Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (FICT) will be involved in the HAINA programme. UTAR will use the electronic copy of Training Kit provided by Huawei to print the Training Kit for training courses. 

Prof Chuah (second from left) presenting a token of appreciation to Oliver Liu (second from right) while Prof Faidz (most left) and Shengnaiting look on

From left : Yoo, Cheng, Astee Chan, Prof Goi, Prof Faidz, Prof Chuah, Oliver Liu, Shengnaiting, Xiao Liang and Bryant Oo


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