Primary students attempt 3D printing

3D printed creations by students of SJK (C) Paya Mengkuang

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the Department of Soft Skills Competency (DSSC) conducted a community service programme in SJK (C) Paya Mengkuang, Masjid Tanah, Melaka on 10 November 2018 as part of UTAR’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. The community service programme involved a 3D Innovation Competition for the primary school students.

Present at the 3D Innovation Competition were SJK (C) Paya Mengkuang Headmistress Soh Soo Lan, MCMC Digital Lifestyle and Society Deputy Director Mahadi Arifin, Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) lecturer Danny Ng Wee Kiat, DSSC Head Fook Oi Yee, SJK (C) Paya Mengkuang teachers, UTAR students and staff.

The involvement of STEM has become more apparent in the current education system. STEM serves as a training ground for the students to be more prepared to face the future world, filled with technology. Thus, this event aimed to promote STEM education among students and encourage students’ interest in STEM-related fields.

Danny explaining the process of 3D printing to the students

Second from left: Mahadi, John Tay and Soh with teachers and staff

Led by MCMC Department of Digital Lifestyle and Society Head John Tay and Danny Ng, a total of 70 students were introduced to the 3D printing on 27 October 2018. The students were required to come up with a product, used in daily life, by utilising the 3D printer. Then, they were required to prepare a poster to explain their project with the help of a student helper from UTAR. 

Soh welcoming the guest from MCMC and UTAR

“I hope this programme is not the end of such event so that their interests will not end here. I'm very happy and impressed with their project and their ideas which can be used in daily life. I am also glad that the students did not only learn about science and technology but were able to practice their presentation skills as well. I hope MCMC and UTAR will continue efforts like this in promoting STEM education,” said Soh.

Mahadi explaining the importance of STEM education

Mahadi said, “We feel fortunate to be able to conduct this event. One of our criteria is to tighten the gap of exposure on technology and digital lifestyle between rural and urban society. In the current world, technology develops rapidly. Therefore, there is a vital need for students to get sufficient exposure to advance in the current world. This year, we approached this school. We thank UTAR for teaching the students. I believe that each child has a huge potential if given enough opportunity to grow. Therefore, we are here to initiate their exploration in innovation and technology. Children’s imagination is superb, with the assist of technology, their potentials are unlimited. The idea that they came up with shows their concern to the current issues, such as solar energy. At the same time, I encourage all students to utilise YouTube to acquire new knowledge.”

Danny said, “It is important for school children to be exposed to the latest technology to keep up with the trends as we advance into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We hope that there will be more activities like this catered for the children from new villages in the near future. I also hope that this competition will spark some interest among the students to take up STEM education, to learn this knowledge and apply it in their daily lives. Remember to do what you aspire in the future.” 

UTAR students guiding participants with their project presentation

Students working on their poster presentation

Third place winner, group 13, came up with The Flash, a shoe with wheels (right pic) to speed up one’s pace

Second place winner, group 14, presenting their design, a solar-powered frying pan (right pic)

First place winner, group 6, won the judges’ hearts with their multifunction dustbin and stationary holder (right pic)

            UTAR, MCMC and SJK (C) Paya Mengkuang after the 3D Printing session

UTAR, MCMC and SJK (C) Paya Mengkuang


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