President meets final year students

Prof Chuah giving his speech

Graduands of the upcoming March 2020 Convocation had the opportunity to attend a tea session with UTAR President Ir Prof Academician Dato’ Dr Chuah Hean Teik to receive some words of wisdom as they prepare to journey towards their graduation. The “Tea Meeting with UTAR President” was organised by the Department of Alumni Relations and Placement (DARP) at Sungai Long Campus on 23 July 2019.

Also present at the tea meeting were Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science Dean Prof Ir Dr Goi Bok Min, Faculty of Creative Industries (FCI) Deputy Dean for Academic Development and Undergraduate Programmes Assoc Prof Thinavan Periyayya representing FCI Dean Dr David Tneh Cheng Eng, Faculty of Accountancy Management (FAM) Dean Dr Sia Bee Chuan, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Deputy Dean for Student Development and Industrial Training Prof Dr Alan Ong Han Kiat, and Department of Chancellery Head-cum-Department of Alumni Relations and Placement Head Lim Swea Jen.

“Convocation is not only a celebration of your own success but it is also a proud moment for your parents, siblings and families as well. Make sure you share your success and joy with your parents, siblings and other family members and treat them well,” advised Prof Chuah. He reminded the soon graduating students to appreciate all the sacrifices made by their parents. He also advised the students to be polite and be respectful of their parents and families during the ceremony.

Prof Chuah then provided advice regarding students’ careers and future undertakings after their graduation. He said, “From now onwards, you have to make decisions for yourselves. Make sound judgments when you are deciding on your career paths. Choose a profession that suits your interest and passion. Also, be flexible and adaptable to your profession. Passions, abilities and performances are the secrets of success for your careers.”  Prof Chuah also shared with the students about the subjects of interview skills and reminded them to be well-prepared before attending an interview and to always view opportunities with an open mind.

Prof Chuah further explained to the students on what basis young professionals are selected and hired. “Among the basics are personalities, scholastic record and potential development, communication skills, experience, the ability to cooperate, recommendations, standing of the University and last but not least the salary expectation.”  

He further offered his advice by saying, “You must continually seek to learn new insights and keep yourself well-informed. Besides that, when you are starting a career as a professional, remember to be a good subordinate and team worker. Learn to constantly improve yourself, prioritise the organisation’s goals and be virtuous.” Prof Chuah added, “Attitude is what people look at, must be reliable, trustworthy and positive in your attitude. Employers are also looking for soft skills in addition to hard skills. Able to work under hard pressure and able to work independently.”

Prof Chuah then highlighted the roles of alumni and said, “Your roles as alumni are to improve the University and its ranking continuously, always carry UTAR flag in the industry, increase your productivity, compete in the global market and keep abreast with technology. Successful alumni indicate the success of UTAR. That is the form of feedback you can give back to the University.”

Before concluding his speech, Prof Chuah shared the top 10 qualities a graduate should have in 2020. Among the qualities are complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, coordination with others, emotional intelligence, judgement and decision making, service orientation, negotiation and cognitive flexibility.

The tea meeting ended with a short briefing by DARP and Division of Programme Promotion.

Students registering themselves before entering the hall

Naaresh Arumugam from the Department of Alumni Relations and Placement briefing the students

From left: Dr Sia, Prof Goi, Thinavan, Prof Alan Ong and Lim

The crowd at the hall

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