Assessing Leadership: A View from Personality Side

The Centre for Foundation Studies of Kampar Campus (CFS-KPR) organised a talk titled “Assessing Leadership: A View from Personality Side” on 23 October 2019 at UTAR Kampar Campus. The talk was delivered by Faculty of Business and Finance (FBF) Department of Business senior lecturer Seow Ai Na.

The objective of the talk was to expose participants to leadership skills and its assessment tools for achieving common goals. It also aimed to expose participants to other skills such as self-awareness, empathy and emotional management, as well as interpersonal skills.

The speaker began the talk by explaining how to assess personalities and traits, the strength of each quality as well as the weakness of going overboard with such qualities. In addition, she highlighted three key points under managerial leadership skills which include technical skills, interpersonal skills and decision-making skills. She further elaborated on each skill to provide the audience with a better understanding.

Apart from that, she also shared some interesting aspects of the “Leadership Assessment Lumina Spark” by initiating the audience to carry out self-reflection activities and evaluate their own personalities. She also encouraged the audience to define and recognise their own personality based on The Big Five Model of Personality, which consists of leadership traits. The audiences were excited to participate in the activity as they were able to identify their own individual strengths and weaknesses according to their personality traits.

The talk ended with an interactive Q&A session with the audience, followed by the presentation of certificate to Seow by CFS Deputy Director of Student Affairs and Development Lim Khiew Loon.

Seow is currently pursuing her PhD and is also working as a senior lecturer at FBF, Kampar Campus. She has published more than 10 papers in research journals, participated in more than 30 international conferences and was awarded the most downloaded paper from Wiley Publisher in October 2018.

Seow during the talk

From left: Lim presenting certificate of appreciation to Seow

Front row, seated: Seow with staff and students after the talk

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