Bartering for a sustainable future

Second from right: Loh, Melissa and the participants during the group photography session

UTAR green interest group 'Swap N Reuse Committee' in collaboration with a green organisation known as Barnything organised a talk on “Bartering”. The talk was held at Sungai Long Campus on 26 November 2019. Present at the talk were Centre for Foundation Studies Director Melissa Stefanie Netto, about 150 students and staff.

Bartering is a transaction of exchange trade goods or services directly for other goods or services without using an exchange mechanism, such as cash. In the talk, Barnything Founder Low Shar Wynne spoke about the best ways to reduce waste, effective positioning in the 3R, top ten trash in the world, estimated decomposition rates, statistics on waste in different countries and the concept of bartering back then and now as well as how bartering is linked to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to reduce consumption.

She said, “Recycling is an industry, not charity. Recycling is determined by two important thinking known as the market and city government. It is important to know that when a waste contained mix material, it will not get recycled.”

“There are many ways to reduce waste. That includes boycotting single-use plastic, joining the reusable revolutions, shop local and request plastic-free packaging, minimising bathroom and cleaning products, using second-hand products, choosing products made from recycled materials and many more,” added Wynne.

Melissa presenting the token of appreciation to Loh (left)


Bartering in action between Loh and students


Participants during the talk

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