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The winners of Second Unovate Business Competition

The Second Unovate Business Competition was organised in conjunction with UTAR Entrepreneurship Day by the Faculty of Accountancy and Management (FAM), Department of Consultancy and Commercialisation, and Entrepreneurship and Management Club (EMC). The competition took place at Sungai Long Campus on 27 November 2019. The competition aimed to provide students with the exposure of becoming an entrepreneur by pitching their business ideas to potential investors.

The first prize winners walked away with RM500 cash prize while the second prize won RM300 cash and the third prize winners took home with RM200 cash. Three groups that were chosen as the winners for the best exhibition booth category took back a hamper. The competition was judged by MCM eCOM Global Venture Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer Dan Then Ikh Choo, M3EC Millennium Sdn Bhd Business Development Director Tan Lay Huai and Wadhani Foundation Senior Manager Saiful Rizal.

The event was solely sponsored by Finance Manager and Founder of M3EC Millennium Sdn Bhd Max Yong. Max Yong, who is also a UTAR alumnus, graduated from UTAR in the year 2015 in Bachelor of International Business (Hons). “Graduating from that area of study was indeed useful for my company’s business as I’ve learnt how to deal with people from different countries. Currently, I am in charge of e-commerce in my company. I am grateful that I can apply the knowledge I’ve learnt in UTAR to deal with my clients from China and the Western countries,” said the successful alumnus.

He also advised, “To start your own business, you need to dream big, dare to take a risk and cease doubt in decision-making process. I started my company with my partner as a hobby. After that, we realised that we can provide value to the customers and we gained satisfaction from it. There will always be challenges when we operate our own company but step by step, through trial and error, we will eventually grow. To become an entrepreneur, you have to keep calm and be patient as results don’t yield in the blink of an eye.” UTAR is indeed proud to have him back to support the event and is thankful for his generosity.

UTAR alumnus Max Yong who is also the sole sponsor of the event receiving a token of appreciation from UTAR President Prof Ewe

A total of 37 groups competed against each other in the competition. Eight finalists were chosen to present their business ideas to the judges and the top three winners were chosen for the competition. The eight groups of finalists were Group 11 with their business proposal titled “Short Trip / Weekend Activities Planner – GATEWAYS”; Group 13 with their business proposal titled “Funeral Services or Green Burial”; Group 14 with their business proposal titled “Customized rental services (Hottage)”; Group 24 with their business proposal titled “3D Interior Design Apps”; Group 27 with their business proposal titled “Online JOB AGENCY FOR STUDENTS (U JOB)”; Group 29 with their business proposal titled “Car Pool Service (EZCAB)”; Group 32 with their business proposal titled “Elderly Companion Care Services” and Group 34 with their business proposal titled “Public Bus Real Live Location App (UTECH)”.

Group 11 “Short Trip / Weekend Activities Planner – GATEWAYS”

From left: Edward Tan Kai Jia, Wong Ai Yin, Beatrice Yeoh Mei Wei, Lim Siao Qing and Tan Hui Ying 

Group 13 came up with the idea “Funeral Services or Green Burial” after realising that the pollution in the environment was getting worse and there was a lack of place for burial ground. “Born from Nature, Return to Nature” was their tagline for the idea. They came up with this green burial proposal to encourage funeral parlours to stop the use of embalming fluids to preserve bodies. A normal decomposition takes about eight to twelve years but with embalming fluid, it takes more time to decompose.  Besides, they also proposed to change the casket to biodegradable casket like the cardboard casket to reduce pollution.

Group 13 “Funeral Services or Green Burial”

From Left:  Tan Wen Syn, Fong Shin Yee, Tharshini Muruti and Ong Kai Ni

To address the great difference between the growth of house prices and household income, and curb the shortage in the supply of affordable houses, Group 14 introduced the “Customized rental services (Hottage)” where they provided customised rental services for tenants. Besides choosing their desired location, tenants can also choose to customise their room design and furnishing based on their own preference and budget by renting or buying the furniture.

Group 14 “Customized rental services (Hottage)”

Front row, from left: Koh Weng Lin, Bay Ting Ting and Lee Li Shan

Back row, from left: Lui Pei Wei, Toh Shi Lei and Lee Jia Wen

Group 24’s “3D Interior Design Apps” was created to help the public design their own dream house. It is cost-saving as the user does not need to hire an interior designer and they can have their desired house or room designed by directly involving in the design process. There is a template for the users to design or they can talk to the consultant via online.  The app also has furniture purchasing function online which could ease and save the user’s time. 

Group 24 “3D Interior Design Apps”

Front row, from left: Leong Yien Yien and Chua Qin Xuan

Back row, from left: Pua Lee Ying, Tan Yi Ting and Candy Yeap Mun Hoe

Group 27’s “Online Job Agency for Students (U JOB)” brings benefits to UTAR students by creating a platform for the students to find a part-time job online. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can also opt to join the platform to create more job opportunities for the students.

Group 29 “Car Pool Service (EZCAB)”

From left: Povanes Ganesh, Sean Ling Ji Ming, Hariharan Kalithasan, Ong Li Chuin and Teh Ding Yin

Group 32’s “Elderly Companion Care Services” offers companion care service for the elderlies and helps them with basic house chores. There will be a delivery person to help the elderly buy their groceries and basic needs. This service also includes providing transportation to the elderlies by bringing them to their desired place. Besides, a handyman service is also provided for the elderlies. Last but not least, every elderly needs a companion or a person to talk to. Their specialists will keep them accompanied.

Group 32 “Elderly Companion Care Services”

From left: Yap Wai Theng, Teng Ching, Loh Bao Ying, Soh Ming Ting and Tessa Mary Kate Tang Yi Theng

Group 34 came up with the idea “Public Bus Real Live Location App (UTECH)” due to the problem of not being able to estimate the exact time of arrival or departure and not being familiar with bus stations at some location. UTECH consists of real live location and real-time traffic features to give bus users a convenient and pleasant experience. This app can also reduce the frustration of having to wait too long as users can plan their own timing based on the bus schedule.

Group 34 “Public Bus Real Live Location App (UTECH)”

From left: Lai Yii Tong, Chong Hor Mun, Brenda Cheng Jing Yi, Mayblle Kan Yee Rou and Yong Yoong Siang

The results of the 2nd Unovate Business Competition are as follows:

Champion (RM500)
Title:  “Elderly Companion Care Services” by Group 32
Member(s): Yap Wai Theng, Teng Ching, Loh Bao Ying, Soh Ming Ting and Tessa Mary Kate Tang Yi Theng

1st Runner-up (RM300)
Title:  “Funeral Services or Green Burial” by Group 13
Member(s): Tan Wen Syn, Fong Shin Yee, Tharshini Muruti and Ong Kai Ni

2nd Runner-up (RM200)
Title:  “3D Interior Design Apps” by Group 24
Member(s): Leong Yien Yien, Chua Qin Xuan, Pua Lee Ying, Tan Yi Ting and Candy Yeap Mun Hoe

Most Popular (Best Exhibition Booth) (Hamper)
95 votes
Title: “Funeral Services or Green Burial” by Group 13
46 votes
Title: “Short Trip / Weekend Activities Planner – GATEWAYS” by Group 11
45 votes
Title: Food recipe App by Group 35

Yap Wai Theng, a member of the Champion group said, “We are very happy because the award was beyond our expectation.  However, we believe that our idea still needs a lot of improvement and I believe that we can provide a better idea to the society and help the elderlies who are always marginalised. And we also feel very thankful to our lecturer Dr Falahat and our tutor Cheah Lee Fong for supporting us.

First runner-up winner Ong Kai Ni said, “We’re shocked because we didn’t expect to win among the eight groups. Our industry is quite sensitive so we seriously didn’t expect to win. We just tried our best and put all our efforts into it.”

Second runner-up Tan Yi Ting and groups expressed, “We were shocked to win the prize. We thought other groups did well compared to us and they also came up with great business ideas. It was a pleasant surprise for all of us. My appreciation goes to all my teammates. We put in our best effort and a lot of hard work for this business proposal. Last but not least, we would like to thank Dr Falahat and our tutor Dr Yeong Wai Mun for their kind assistance.

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