Architecture students exhibit innovative architecture models

The Department of Architecture and Sustainable Design (DASD) parked under the Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) and UTAR Architecture Society (UAS) in collaboration with Muar Art Gallery (MAG) successfully organised an architecture exhibition, titled “RAW” at MAG from 8 to 22 June 2019.

Initiated by the Head of DASD Ts Tan Kok Hong, the exhibition exhibited both the conceptual and abstract models produced by UTAR Architecture students during the students’ trimester coursework project. Aimed at showcasing the fresh ideas and boundless creativity deriving from students, the exhibition primarily focused on the conceptual and presentation models of the students. Among the models presented during the exhibition were site context, building design, structural construction, sculptural formation and more.

Through the exhibition, the students were also able to present their ideas of development and innovativeness to the members of the public. In addition to that, the exhibition also gave an opportunity to the public to know more about architecture from the basis as reflected in the students’ works.

Ts Tan enthused, “Students’ works always manifest the virginity of an architect’s work. Every great architect always kick-starts from the microscopic. The personality and potential of the students can be easily reckoned from their works; most of them have been exposed to the practical realm that may affect their creative outputs although more towards the commercialised.”

The leader of the exhibition committee Kevin Sia Pik Hao summarised, “As an architecture student, I feel that it is kind of a waste since we spent countless hours chipping in hard work in generating these artistic architectural products, while they may just end up trashed. We are very fortunate to have the MAG opening up this wishful favour for the architecture students to see their works positioned in limelight.”

Sia expressed with sincere gratitude, “It’s a great success. This is our first time carrying out an exhibition outstation. For all the other members, Lim Song Liang, Tia Nam Keng, Tan Tai Yon, Chong Jun Hao, Tan Yu Qin, Adrian Woo Jia Tseng, Ottay Wong Chieng Tiing, Chai Wan Jin and Joey Tay Ruo Yi; I really appreciate your diligence from the phase of preparation to the day of transporting the models from Sungai Long to Muar. Thanks again for taking up the challenges together. I also would like to thank our lecturer-cum-advisor Tew Bun Teck for supporting us throughout the exhibition. Last but not least, our very high gratitude to Ken Lee and Doreen Lee of Muar Art Gallery for giving us the space to exhibit our models and products.”

Among the uplifting models showcased by the students throughout the exhibition were the platonic preliminary models, site model, conceptual model and structural model.

The preliminary study models emanating platonic forms

One of the members taking an aerial view of the site model

Some of the conceptual models displayed during the exhibition

Structural models

Back row, left to right: Tew, Ken Lee and his friend; Sia, Doreen Lee, Wong and Chai
Front row, left to right: Chong, Yu Qin, Lim, Tay, Woo and Tai Yon

Photo by Tia Nam Keng

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