UTAR renews ties with BMMB

Teacher Ling Shan (sixth from right) presenting the mock cheque to Prof Chuah

The treasured bond between UTAR and Bodhi Meditation Malaysia Berhad (BMMB) is now renewed for another term on 19 June 2019 in UTAR Sungai Long Campus. The charity-driven deed of donation (DoD), signed between the two parties, targets to aid UTAR students who need financial assistance in their study. The MoA signing also witnessed BMMB contributing a total of RM800,000 to UTAR.

The contribution was made by BMMB for the third year. The money will be used to provide education bursary to deserving UTAR students. To date, BMMB has contributed more than RM1,199,000.

Present were Chairman of BMMB Teacher Ling Shan, UTAR President Ir Prof Academician Dato’ Dr Chuah Hean Teik, Board of BMMB Committee Teacher Fa Gong, Brother Wen Jun, Sister Dong Cao, CEO of BMMB Sister Xi Cen, UTAR Vice President for Student Development & Alumni Relations Prof Dr Choong Chee Keong, Registrar Yim Lin Heng, Director of Division of Examinations, Awards and Scholarships Nik Zaitun binti Nik Salleh, Director of Division of Corporate Communication and Public Relations Ong Soo Weon, Dean of Faculty of Accountancy and Management Dr Sia Bee Chuan, BMMB Project Manager Sister Huai Ju, Teo Su Hui, Tham Min Zhen, UTAR staff and students.

Fifth from left: Yim, Prof Choong, Prof Chuah, Teacher Ling Shan, Teacher Fa Gong, Brother Wen Ju, Sister Dong Cao, and Brother Huai Chao

“UTAR JinBodhi Education Bursary was set up by the Founder of Bodhi Meditation, Master JinBodhi and has subsidised more than 200 university students since the year 2017 and helped them to reduce their financial burden. I am anticipating to see the success of the recipients in the future while at the same time, I hope with the subsidies given, it would help to improve the lives of many families and society as well as the country,” said Teacher Ling Shan in his speech.

“UTAR has indeed contributed to the society and the country on building the pillars of the country. I have friends in the business line giving favourable comments about UTAR and they would gladly hire your graduates. Thus, I hope through the efforts that we have worked together, more students in need can be helped to build their future and to become the pillars of the country,” he added as he complimented UTAR on the joint effort.

In return, Prof Chuah expressed his appreciation and said, “I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Bodhi Meditation Malaysia Berhad for providing financial assistance to our students for the third time since 2017. This time, the donation amounted RM800,000 will be donated towards the UTAR Education Foundation which will be used in the form of tuition fee payment for the recipients of UTAR Jinbodhi Education Subsidy. Therefore, on behalf of our students, I would like to thank Bodhi Meditation Malaysia Berhad.”

“I am proud that both Bodhi Meditation Malaysia Berhad and UTAR share a similar vision and goal in ensuring quality education for all deserving students regardless of their background,” Prof Chuah added.

Teacher Ling Shan expressing his anticipation to see the recipients’ success in the future

Prof Chuah thanking BMMB for their thoughtful contribution

Also sharing words during the event were recipients of UTAR JinBodhi Education Bursary Tan Wei Kun and Nies Yong Seng.

“Please accept my sincere gratitude for the contribution given. The recipients of UTAR JinBodhi Education Bursary are very fortunate to have organisations like Bodhi Meditation Malaysia Berhad, who are committed to helping students to achieve their educational goals. This financial aid helped me to stay focus on my study rather than worrying about my education costs and how it would burden my family,” said Tan, an Electronic and Communications Engineering student. Tan has also been listed in the President’s List and Dean’s List for the past few semesters.

Nies Yong said, “I am thankful and I feel lucky to have received the UTAR JinBodhi Education Bursary. This subsidy has helped me and my family a lot. With this subsidy, I do not have to worry about my tuition fees and I can focus on my study without having the need to look for a part-time job. Because of this, I have made improvements in my study.”

Tan (top) and Nies Yong (bottom) sharing their words of gratitude

For those who are interested to know more or apply for the financial aid visit the DEAS website at www.utar.edu.my/deas.

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