Enriching students’ knowledge of financial literacy

Low (front row, fifth from left) with participants

The Centre for Extension Education organised a talk featuring Value Investing College Chief Trainer and Speaker Low Chern Hong at UTAR Sungai Long Campus on 23 October 2019.

Low presented a talk titled “Invest, Relax, Profit, Repeat” where he taught the participants to acquire knowledge on money management, to take charge of financial health by developing smart habits in saving money as well as how to identify great sustainable companies.

Low explaining the right way to use the filtering tool

In the talk, Low spoke about the importance of financial education, filtering tool and value investing. He said, “Your dream is always filled with ego. Remember to only invest to make passive income and invest when the rate is undervalued. The three “R” which you have to remember is Right business model, Right management and Right valuation versus price.”

He added, “The filtering tool consists of seven questions. 1. How does this business make money; 2. Will this business last for another ten years? 3. Who is the majority shareholder for the company?; 4. What is the management’s past experience?; 5. Is the company consistent in growing net profit?; 6. How is the cash flow from the operation? and 7. What is the company’s debt level?.”

Low demonstrated on how to use the filtering tool with the assistance of Wealth Park which identifies winning stocks and gives deeper insight into the company’s business model before investing.

CEE Business Development and Administration & Operation Unit Head Joleena Chong presenting the token of appreciation to Low (right)

Low joined 8VIC Malaysia in 2015. He graduated from HELP University with a Master’s in Accounting and Finance. Low started his career with Deloitte Malaysia as an auditor but his passion in value investing led him to join 8 Group as an Investment Analyst, giving up his high-flying job as an auditor. In 2018, he was promoted as General Manager to oversee the operations in Malaysia. Low hopes to create and improve awareness on the importance of financial literacy in society with value investing knowledge and he speaks publicly on the topic through multiple platforms. He also believes that the best leverage tools to achieve financial freedom is financial education. Hence, he aspires to empower individuals to learn value investing.

Q&A session during the talk

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