Education and the community:
UTAR students draw murals at SJK (C) Sin Ming

UTAR students with the painted chessboards

Twenty-five students from UTAR Sungai Long Campus, including two students from China, conducted mural art painting at SJK (C) Sin Ming, Semenyih on 16 November 2019.

The activity was organised by Department of Soft Skills and Competency. It brought together a group of students, who were passionate about the arts to revamp the school wall.  They received a warm welcome from the school.

The murals took about six hours to complete. The work included recolouring the school walls with murals and painting two large chessboards on the side of the basketball court. The two painted chessboards, which consisted of Othello and Snakes and Ladders, aimed to encourage the engagement of school students in extracurricular activities.

The activity was a great opportunity for UTAR students to reach out and interact with communities further away. The colourful murals provided vitality to the school and reflected good teamwork and organisation. It also gave a chance to make the school children’s experience at school more uplifting and playful through art.

Students setting the scale before painting

Ongoing painting of chessboards

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