Securing dream jobs with Huawei

The Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (FICT) and Huawei Technologies Malaysia Sdn Bhd co-organised the Huawei Recruitment Day 2020 on 27 February 2020 at UTAR Kampar Campus.

The objective of the event was to provide students with an accessible platform for them to attend interview sessions with 13 Huawei Hiring Managers and Department Directors. Also present to assist in the event was FICT Deputy Dean for Student Development and Industrial Training Dr Choo Peng Yin. A total of 68 students were interviewed.

On why UTAR students were so highly sought after, HR Manager Derrick Gan said, “We are collaborating with UTAR in areas to improve the quality of education, and we highly appreciate the dedication from UTAR and its students in catching up with the latest technology. Their commitment towards transforming lives through education is also very inspiring. The learning spirit is what we are truly looking for when hiring Huawei employees.”

“This is a good opportunity for us students to attend interviews in a familiar environment. It makes me feel comfortable and more prepared because I know my surroundings. Therefore it makes a difference because as potential candidates, we want to present our best, as well as to be confident. So thanks to UTAR and Huawei for this opportunity,” said Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Petrochemical Engineering student Ooi Min Huey.

Meanwhile, Bachelor of Finance (Hons) student Hong Way Hong said, “It was a good experience for me because it gives me a glimpse of what real-world interviews look like. Although it is conducted in UTAR, the setting is still very relevant because we will be facing our interviewers with similar questions. It is also a good way to learn about what skills are currently in demand in the market. Knowing the condition of the market and its current trends also enables me to learn more and further improve myself.”

Potential candidates making final preparations for the interview as they wait for their turns

Interview sessions in progress

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