UTAR Students Benefit from YTL Foundation’s Learn from Home Initiative

UTAR students are the latest beneficiaries of YTL Foundation’s Learn From Home Initiative. Like all other tertiary institutions in the country, UTAR students have to transition into online learning during this period of the MCO whilst staying at home.

The University approached YTL Foundation for assistance to help its students by providing additional internet access to facilitate online learning during the temporary closure of the university due to the Movement Control Order.

Tan Sri Dr Francis Yeoh Sock Ping said, “We fully appreciate the stress that university students are facing having been displaced from campus. To have access to fast internet connection is critical at this time in order that their studies can continue with minimal disruption. Despite UTAR being a private university, its fees are among the lowest in the country as it is a not-for-profit university that is largely funded by the community to ensure that the university’s excellent courses remain accessible to many students from low income families. We are therefore pleased to extend the free Yes 4G prepaid SIM cards with 40 GB of data to UTAR students to support them during this time”.

From today until 31 May 2020, UTAR students can apply for the free YES 4G prepaid SIM card with 40GB of data. Each student is entitled to one free SIM card only and once approved, the SIM card will be sent directly to the address provided by students when they apply.

Students may log on to the following website to apply:


The approval for the application is with YTL Foundation. Students are advised to check that their mobile phones are compatible with the 4G SIM cards and that there is coverage near their place of residence. Students may check this at the YTL website below:



For any queries, student can email  learnfromhome.uni@yes.my 

Ir Prof Dr Ewe Hong Tat, President of UTAR said, “During this period of the MCO, where teaching has transitioned into online learning, the most important link between staff and students of the university is through the internet. Internet access and the speed of the internet are important for a rewarding online learning experience and for students to access the resources available to successfully complete their course work.”

UTAR is deeply grateful that YTL Foundation has come forward timely with its Learn from Home Initiative to provide that much needed assistance for students to apply for its free Yes 4G prepaid SIM cards with 40 GB of data. This will ensure better equity to internet access among our students especially those who currently have limited internet access at home.

About YTL Foundation

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