UTAR E-Marketplace to promote e-commerce

With the setting up of UTAR E-Marketplace by UTAR Unovate Centre, UTAR now has its own e-commerce platform for students to get hands-on training on the full works of e-commerce. UTAR students and staff now can sell and buy from this e-commerce platform that is exclusive for the UTAR community. The public can also log on to purchase items from the E-Marketplace.

The UTAR E-Marketplace platform is operated using BIZPORTER O2O Application, which is an application that is developed and managed by UTAR’s collaborative partner MCM eCOM Global Venture Sdn. Bhd (BIZPORTER). This O2O (online to offline) new retailing platform enables students to conduct integrated retailing business online with delivery options for purchasers to do self- collection or use courier services.

To facilitate the physical operations and inventory storage of the UTAR E-Marketplace on campus, the Campus Fulfilment Centre in UTAR Sungai Long Campus and also in UTAR Kampar campus were set up. The point of contact for UTAR students to participate in this e-commerce UTAR E-Marketplace is the UTAR Unovate Centre. Students can choose to enrol as University entrepreneurs to sell their merchandise or choose to support UTAR merchants by purchasing their merchandise via the E-Marketplace BIZPORTER O2O new retailing app. 

With such fully integrated fulfilment system, every order is managed by the UTAR operational team to provide next day speedy delivery. Purchasers can also choose to save on courier fees and choose the self-pick-up option at the E-commerce Delivery Centre (ECDC) in the respective UTAR campuses.

Since its soft launch in February 2021, sales of merchandise have begun with much success at the UTAR Sungai Long Campus. Purchasers can download the BIZPORTER O2O app from Apple App Store and Google Play Store to access the E-Marketplace for purchases.

The UTAR community and public are encouraged to support this UTAR E-Marketplace by downloading the BIZPORTER O2O App from the App Store. Once registered as a user, purchasers can explore the merchandise from different campuses and enjoy a new shopping experience.

During the e-convocation in March 2021, the platform recorded remarkable response from graduates who are currently at their hometown and went online to purchase certificate holders for their degree certificates. Currently, there is a 5% promotional discount for all UTAR souvenirs on E-Marketplace.


The UTAR E-Marketplace also acts a learning platform for students to practice their e-commerce skills. UTAR students are encouraged to participate in this exclusive platform as an e-merchant. For those who are interested to join as a merchant, please email to unovate@utar.edu.my.

UTAR Unovate Centre will continue to promote e-commerce and strive for greater awareness among the UTAR community to realise a visionary entrepreneurship ecosystem that enables UTAR students with a one stop platform to kick start their entrepreneurship journey. For more details, visit: https://unovate.utar.edu.my/UTAR-E-Marketplace.php

The top 10 merchandising items in March 2021 are as follows:

Some other merchandise on the E-Marketplace are as follows:

F&N Life On Demand
F&N Life On Demand

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