A celebratory UTAR e-Convocation for August 2021 graduates

A celebratory UTAR e-Convocation for August 2021 graduates

UTAR celebrated the convocation of 2,630 graduates of the August 2021 class with its third e-Convocation, which went live on YouTube at 10.30am on 21 August 2021. It celebrated the graduates’ achievements and also saluted the contributions of staff, students, alumni and partners.

The heart-warming video of gratitude, recognition, celebration and achievements, which was enjoyed and remembered by all, garnered over 2,300 views on YouTube during the live event, and later increased to more than 19,000 views on the second day and reached over 20,000 views on the third day. The live chat on YouTube was also flooded with numerous congratulatory messages from fellow graduates, family members and friends.

The graduates of the August 2021 are from a total of 95 programmes, comprising 64 bachelor’s degree, 21 master’s degree and 10 PhD programmes. Due to the pandemic, the physical convocation ceremony had to be postponed and UTAR graduates can choose to attend the next physical convocation ceremony within the next three years. The dates for the next physical convocation will take into consideration the guidelines and instructions given by the Government of Malaysia depending on the Covid-19 pandemic that impacts the safety and health of staff and students on campus.

The highlights of the e-Convocation ceremony are summarised as below.

The ceremony began with a special welcome performance by some members of the UTAR Kampar Campus 24 Festive Drums, who followed safety and health standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Welcome performance by some members of UTAR Kampar Campus 24 Festive Drums

Tun Ling advising graduates to work hard and always be kind

Congratulating the graduates, UTAR Chancellor Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik said, “Your graduation marks a major transitional moment in your life, where you emerge from your responsibility as a student into a master of your own destiny. This is now your own time and you are the only person who can create your own path in life. There is a new liberating journey ahead; one that will bring new meanings in life, new opportunities for personal growth and new horizons that will require your contributions and commitment to your family, friends, society and nation. Remember, stay focus, work hard, be kind and respectful to your family and friends around you. I wish you all the best and great successes in your life.”

Tan Sri Sak reminding graduates the importance to value add

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Chairman of Board of Trustees of UTAR Education Foundation Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Sak Cheng Lum enthused, “Firstly, I would like to thank all UTAR staff for all the hard work they have put in for the last year and having stood with us to carry out their duties so well and facing the challenges of the unending Covid-19 pandemic. Your contributions have once again enabled us to complete another successful convocation today. My heartfelt congratulations go to all our graduates and parents. All of you too had persevered, worked hard and come through your respective courses very successfully. According to the statistics, less than seven per cent of the world population have a college or university degree. In Malaysia, about 16% of our population have gone through tertiary education. Therefore, your graduation today has put you into this special small group of privileged people in possession of a university degree. Among other things that the society expect of you, put simply, there is always one thing you can do, that is to value add. Make things better in whatever profession you belong to; in your social life, in the organisation that you belong to, in your family, in your society; there is always something that you can help make better. Therefore, now that you have graduated, I am sure you are better trained to help make the world better and always remember to come back and visit your alma mater and help make UTAR better. My congratulations to you once again and stay safe.”

Tan Sri Ting reminding graduates to seize every opportunity

Meanwhile, UTAR Council Chairman Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Ting Chew Peh said, “Congratulations on your graduation. This occasion celebrates all the hard work you have put into your studies and your achievements as graduates of the university. Through the years, you have made new friends, gained new knowledge, learnt new skills and discovered hidden talents about yourself. This priceless experience will be a foundation and launching pad to move on to your next phase in life. Despite the current challenges, please do not be discouraged. I believe each and every one of you will find your own place in society, and eventually sustain in life. Most importantly, believe in yourself, be resilient, focus on your strength, and stay determined to achieve your goals. Good and better times are ahead, so please be ready to seize the opportunities when they arrive. Congratulations again. I wish you all the best.”

Prof Ewe encouraging graduates to view things positively

In the same joyous spirit, UTAR President Ir Prof Dr Ewe Hong Tat also congratulated the graduates and said, “It has been a challenging year with online teaching and learning and now you have finally graduated. My sincere congratulations to your family as well. You have contributed a lot in your university journey. UTAR is very proud to celebrate this occasion with you and your family. As you prepare to move on to the next phase in life, do not look at this year for its lost opportunities, but take it as a time for new beginnings and chapter in your life, where you have emerged wiser and more prepared to respond to challenges with renewed vitality. You have endured this path, overcome the challenges through the pandemic, and you have succeeded to graduate. Be prepared to develop your own path in life. Never give up and never stop believing in yourself. I am confident that you are well equipped to face your life journey ahead and continue to care for others and contribute to the society. Heartiest congratulations again on your graduation. You have done well. I wish you all the strength to excel further and passion to seek success and excellence. Stay safe and healthy.”

UTAR Vice Presidents, namely Vice President for Internationalisation and Academic Development Ir Prof Dr Yow Ho Kwang, Vice President for R&D and Commercialisation Prof Ts Dr Faidz bin Abd Rahman and Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relations Prof Dr Choong Chee Keong also had the opportunity to congratulate the graduates with their own messages.

Prof Yow encouraging graduates to embrace new challenges and opportunities

Prof Yow said, “Dear graduates your convocation is a defining milestone in your life. You have gone through a journey of knowledge and self-discovery. Your strength and determination have helped you accomplish this important educational journey. It’s time for you to go out and embrace new challenges and opportunities to shine and make your path in society. I wish you a future filled with even greater successes and wonderful memories of life.”

Prof Faidz reminding graduates to be resilient

Prof Faidz added with some advice saying, “Congratulations to all graduates on your convocation. You are graduating in such a challenging time but don’t let it disrupt your dreams and goals in life. Be resilient and have grit to meet the challenges ahead and be better than before. We are proud that you have come this far. We look forward to greater achievements from you in the years ahead. I wish you all the best in life and a fulfilling career filled with even greater successes.”

Prof Choong encouraging graduates to continue in the path of personal achievement

Prof Choong encouraged graduates to keep doing their best, and said, “Congratulations to all graduates on this meaningful day. You have come this far with great capabilities and success. Do continue along this path of personal achievement and emerge from the university with renewed vitality, courage and passion to achieve your next goal in life. Great things are waiting for you in the years ahead. I wish you all the best and even greater successes in your career. Congratulations again.”

Joining the celebration with their respective congratulatory messages and advice were university and industry partners of UTAR, namely Chairman of University Alliance in Talent Education and Development (UAiTED), Academician, Distinguished research Fellow and Chair Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Linguistic Institute, Academia Sinica, Taiwan Prof Dr Ovid Jyh-Lang Tzeng; President of the University of Limerick Prof Kerstin Mey; President of Beijing University of Chemical Technology Prof Tan Tianwei, Pro-Vice Chancellor (interim) Liverpool John Moores University Prof Dr Sr Michael Lee Riley; Director of CourseNetworking Asia Pacific Yong Mien Dee and Chairman of Pentamaster Corporation Bhd Chuah Choon Bin.

Congratulatory messages by Presidents and Vice Presidents of UTAR university partners

Congratulatory messages by industry partners

Special appearance by  Group CEO Air Asia Berhad Tan Sri Tony Fernandes

Further adding significance to the jubilant occasion was Group CEO Air Asia Berhad Tan Sri Tony Fernandes who congratulated the graduates and gave them valuable advice and words of encouragement. He is a role model who many students look up to. They are inspired by his achievements and his perseverance in overcoming challenges to attain success.

The highlight of the e-Convocation is the presentation of the list of graduates by faculties. The Deans of Faculties delivered their congratulatory messages followed by the name and photo of every August 2021 graduate for every degree programme in each faculty.

Faculty of Accountancy and Management

Faculty of Arts and Social Science


Faculty of Business and Finance


Faculty of Creative Industries


Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology


Faculty of Information and Communication Technology


Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science


Institute of Chinese Studies


Faculty of Science


Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Every UTAR faculty Dean and staff also celebrated with the graduates by organising their respective online activities during the convocation period, to create wonderful memories with them, as well as to facilitate networking among fellow graduates. In addition to that, special song dedications were presented to the graduates, which saw the performers, consisting UTAR alumni, students and graduates, having pre-recorded their songs from separate locations and in compliance to the standard operating procedures of the pandemic.

The ceremony also saw the delivery of congratulatory messages and speeches by UTAR alumni, students and selected representatives of the graduates.

The e-Convocation video can be viewed here.

Congratulatory messages by UTAR students, graduate representatives, families and friends

Congratulatory messages by UTAR alumni

“We are the World” song dedication by students, graduates and alumni

“Stand by Me” song dedication by UTAR Sungai Long Chinese Orchestra

UTAR students dedicated UTAR song “The Shining Light” to the graduates

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