Ways to deal with anxieties

Chokmun Soong during the Q&A session

The Centre for Corporate and Community Development organised a webinar titled “Lockout Your Lockdown Anxieties – Smash Work From Home Anxieties” on 19 November 2021 via Zoom and Facebook Live. The webinar featured Neuro-Linguistic Programming Life Coach and Trainer Chokmun Soong. The webinar aimed to enable participants to understand and be aware of anxieties during lockdowns, provide an overview of how to conquer the anxieties and expose them to approaches in relieving anxiety.

In the webinar, he spoke about the common lockdown and post lockdown anxieties, impacts on individuals, relaxation techniques, NLP techniques and other related topics. Chokmun said, “Do something and reach out to others. You will need to progressively make an adjustment to manage your anxieties. Understand your emotional triggers, speak to someone, exercise and seek professional help if needed. Find out what triggers your anxieties and understand the root of the cause and find a solution to overcome it.”

He also shared about ‘The Circle of Excellence’, a tool using an imaginary circle on the floor as a spatial anchor to install new or additional resources relative to a situation where different behaviour or thinking is wished. Aside from that, Chokmun also spoke about deep breathing exercises, self-hypnosis and meditation as a way of relieving anxieties.

He added, “There are forced behaviour changes with the lockdown and post lockdown. You need to recognise how you are impacted behaviourally and mentally. Remember to practice deep breathing technique or the circle of excellence when facing anxiety.”

Chokmun Soong has a decade of corporate experience and deep engagement in supporting individuals to develop themselves. He aims to help, guide, build and optimise individual and team talents and capabilities while overcoming self-beliefs, anxieties and conflicts. He is a change-maker with the objective of igniting transformation through alignment of values, beliefs and identities; promoting health and well-being for individuals and teams.

Chokmun Soong (top row, middle) with participants

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