Heart to Heart charity show (心心相殷) raises funds for UTAR Hospital          

As one of the activities under the UTAR Hospital Fundraising Project, the Department of Student Affairs (DSA), the Department of Soft Skills Competency (DSSC), the Department of International Student Services (DISS) and the Department of Alumni Relations and Placement (DARP) jointly organised an event titled “Heart to Heart Charity Show (心心相殷 )” on 11 December 2021 via Zoom.

Besides raising funds for the UTAR Hospital, the event was also held to praise and appreciate the ardent, kind and merciful hearts of those who contributed to the UTAR Hospital in Kampar. Many UTAR students and alumni came forward to show their love and support by displaying their talents and donating to the UTAR Hospital, which is estimated to cost around RM330million.

UTAR Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relations Prof Dr Choong Chee Keong represented UTAR President Ir Prof Dr Ewe Hong Tat to give the welcome address. Expressing his appreciation to the participants for their support towards the fundraising project, Prof Choong said, “Tonight’s event is organised to raise funds for UTAR Hospital. On behalf of UTAR, I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to everyone here for your support and contribution to the UTAR Hospital project. I am glad to see the outcome of this charity show today; it is the joint effort of the university, UTAR students and society. Initially, this event was planned to be organised in 2020 but we had to postpone it due to the pandemic. However, the pandemic is still here even after waiting for a year, so the organising committee decided to hold the event this year virtually.

He revealed, “The hospital is still under construction, but our TCM block is almost completed and it will be launched next year in February. Apart from that, the hospital will also provide counselling service next year at the T&CM Centre and the service will be opened to the public. The medical centre for western medicine is expected to be put into operation in early 2023. There will be hospital services in Western Medicine and Traditional and Complementary Medicine, including Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. The TCM block and the medical centre for western medicine are connected by a bridge between them.”

He added, “UTAR Hospital is a teaching and not-for-profit hospital. As a university by the people, for the people, we assure that UTAR Hospital will provide good quality medical service at an affordable price. It will be a place to nurture talents, enhance medical and clinical research, and provide affordable and quality basic and specialist medical services to society.”

Prof Choong delivering the welcome speech

Hentara Phang was the emcee of the charity show

The charity show showcased various brilliant performances, including music instrument performances as well as singing and dancing performances. UTAR alumni Hentara Pang Wai Yen was the emcee of the charity show. The show started with a GuZheng performance “丰收锣鼓 “by UTAR Master of Arts (Chinese Studies) student Lam Phui Yee. The GuZheng is a traditional Chinese musical instrument, similar to a plucked zither with 16 or more strings. It also comes with movable bridges. A melodious Chinese song titled “Moonlight in the City (城里的月光)” was also performed by UTAR student Fiona Chuah Yong Xiu.

Lam playing the GuZheng

Fiona Chuah singing a song titled “Moonlight In the City (城里的月光)”

It was followed by a series of Chinese cultural dance performances by UTAR students from the Kampar Campus’ Chinese Language Society dance unit. The dance performances consisted of 纸扇书生” Chinese Scholar’s Fan dance” by Yap Jiun Wei; Chinese Fan Dance by Goh Chia Yee, Lee Huei Chee, Tai Yee Xuan, Chia Jing Ying, Liew Jia Shin, Bun Yi Xin, Lim Sook Ling, and Lu Jing Yee for the song “夜上海(Shanghai Night)” as well as “傣族双人舞” Dai Duo dance by Chin Si Jie and Shirley Phua Sze Ming .

Yap performing the Chinese Fan dance

 The members of UTAR Kampar Campus’ Chinese Language Society performing a dance for the song titled “夜上海(Shanghai Night)”

From left: Chin and Shirley Phua performing the beautiful “傣族双人舞” Dai Duo dance

The show also witnessed two “Belly Dance” performances by Susan Dance Art Studio (Ipoh) Principal Susan Ting Choi Keng and her student Angel Low Xiao Tong. The first Belly Duo-Dance was performed by Susan Ting and Angel Low, while the second dance was performed by Angel Low, unaided, in a colourful costume.

Susan Ting (left) and Angel Low (right) performing the Belly Duo-Dance

Angel Low presenting another belly dance performance in a colourful costume

There were other notable performances by UTAR students, including a Chinese song performance titled “扛得住 (Carry On)” and a Malay song performance titled “Gemuruh Jiwa” by Tang Hong Shen, Ong Xuan Wen, Ngeow Zhi Ru, Low Ke Yin, Loh Zheng Yu, and Choo Di Shen from the Ukid League. The songs encouraged people to stay strong and be brave while confronting challenges.  

The members of Ukid League (clockwise, from top left): Ong Xuan Wen, Ngeow Zhi Ru, Low Ke Yin, Choo Di Shen, Loh Zheng Yu and Tang Hong Shen singing "扛得住 (Carry On)"

The members of Ukid League (clockwise, from top left): Ong Xuan Wen, Choo Di Shen, Tang Hong Shen, Ngeow Zhi Ru, Loh Zheng Yu and Low Ke Yin singing “Gemuruh Jiwa”

The last performance was given by the members of STORM Enterprise. They performed two Christmas songs titled “Last Christmas” and “All I want for Christmas is You”. Most of the STORM Enterprise members consisted of UTAR alumni and students, including Miko Kong Qian Hui (UTAR alumni), Chan Jia Wen (UTAR alumni), Jolene Chow Yan Wen (UTAR student), Hana Yee Wan Xin (UTAR student) and Jasmine Yong Kar  Yan (outsider).

The members of STORM Enterprise (clockwise, from top left): Hana Yee, Jolene Chow, Jasmine Yong, Miko Kong and Chan singing “Last Christmas

The members of STORM Enterprise (clockwise, from top left):  Hana Yee, Jasmine Yong, Jolene Chow, Chan and Miko Kong (the second picture) singing “All I want for Christmas is you”

The “Heart to Heart Charity Show” was sponsored by Public Mutual (gold sponsor), LEC Eye Centre (bronze sponsor), Wong Wen Keat (bronze sponsor) and Choy Yoke Peng (star donor).

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The UTAR Hospital is a not-for-profit hospital that will not only provide medical and health services to the community but also provide practical training for the UTAR’s medical students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The establishment of UTAR Hospital will also benefit Kampar and the surrounding communities with increased socio-economic activities and better access to quality medical services.

For more information on UTAR Hospital and donations to the hospital, please go to the following website: https://hospital.utar.edu.my/..

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